Sunday, March 04, 2007


As in the verb, not the noun.

That's what we're doing this weekend -- chillin'. Carol's fighting cold symptoms, and I'm fighting lethargy in general. Today the sun is shining in a clear blue sky and we could be out playing golf. But it just feels better to be sitting around the house with no ambition. There are lots of things I/we could be doing, but instead we're chillin'.

Here are a few random thoughts to brighten your Sunday, however:

1. Christina steered me to a blog authored by a 107 year old woman in Australia named Olive. It's actually typed by her helper Mike, but Olive is the source for most of the material. It's complete with lots of pictures, and is a treasure. Check it out here. When you do, scroll down to the first post (there are only 4 so far) and read them in sequence.

2. Can you believe that one week from today we (here in the United States) switch to Daylight Savings Time? It's true! it happens this year on March 11, two weeks earlier than usual. Get ready to lose that hour of sleep as we Spring Forward.

3. Finally, here's a picture of one of Ruth's creations. It's a groom's cake for a wedding. German chocolate. The groom works for... Well, guess!

Pretty slick, huh?

Meanwhile, Carol and I are still chillin'.


Christina said...

Hope y'all feel better!

I definitely recommend Olive's blog - fascinating stories and great personality.

Candace said...

"Chillin?" You?

Candace said...

I just visited Olive's blog - what a treat! Many thanks to you and Christina.

kenju said...

I discovered Olive a week ago. Isn't she something??!!

Sometimes, chillin' is the BEST, like this weekend was for me.

schnoodlepooh said...

I LOVE chillin'. Laying around with no ambition sounds soooo wonderful. Good for you. Sometimes you need a bunch of nothin'.

And as for daylight savings time, it's here not a moment too soon for me. Although I regret losing an hour of sleep, I love the hour of daylight. Now I can finally get out and walk the dogs in the evenings and do other fun things ... or just chill.

Kirsten said...

Wow, that cake is amazing!


John, your comments on my blog got caught by my spam filter and apparently I subsequently deleted them by accident. Why it sometimes flags people as spammers when they have already commented on my blog I have no idea. Sigh.

Re: The Globe -- according to the tour guide, it was built as faithfully as possible given what we know about how the original was designed. No power tools were used in its construction! It's really a fascinating project. Apparently they also encourage audiences to behave as Elizabethan theater goers did, as well -- which means you don't sit quietly & just watch -- the actors speak directly to the audience and expect the audience to talk back. It can get quite rowdy at times!

The funny thing is, the project was conceived of & launched by Americans -- actor/director Sam Wanamaker got the original idea -- and for a long time, the English were lukewarm about it. They're warmed to it now . . . before I went I was worried that it might be a bit Disneyesque, but after having toured it, I think it's a real treasure, and probably the best place possible to see a Shakespeare play . . .

Michelle said...

Chillin is good. I chill out whenever I have the opportunity to do so (which is not very often) though I am far from chilled. Still too hot here but the fact that you are springing forward in time soon is a good sign. Sun is coming up later here so autumn is definitely on her way and then I am really going to enjoy chillin some more. Good wishes to Carol - hope she feels better soon.