Friday, March 16, 2007


The radio newscaster this morning (during my morning commute) mentioned that winter was still alive and well in the Northeast, with wet heavy snow expected as far south as Maryland.

Here in my neighborhood in South Texas, spring has definitely sprung. The ash trees are in full leaf, the cottonwoods are turning green, and the redbuds are glorious!

We're off to Austin tomorrow to shop at the Golfsmith super center headquarters location, and maybe play a round of golf in Pflugerville.

What's Pflugerville, you ask? It's a town just east of Austin. And yes, that's really how the name of the town is spelled. Pronounce it? Well, the "P" is silent. In fact, there used to be a billboard on Interstate 35 near Austin that said, "Have Pfun in Pflugerville!"

I thought it was cute, but my daughter who used to live near Austin said it drove her crazy. Whatever.

What are we shopping for at Golfsmith? Oh, I need a new 3-wood; the old one is developing cracks in the graphite shaft. I bought it used a long time ago anyway. I could always replace the shaft, but I'm lusting for a new model.

Trouble is, I've been using the old, cracked shaft as an excuse for bad shots. But once I get the new one, my only excuse will be that I'm not used to it yet. That will only stand up for a few weeks, if at all, and then I'm back to just saying the bad shots are due to a low skill level.


Oh, Carol wants to look at golf bags since the handle is literally falling off of hers.

Then on Sunday I'll probably do yard work, since the grass and weeds are growing apace. Why no golf on Sunday? Well, recent heavy rains have caused the Guadalupe river to rise, and part of our Riverside Golf Course is liable to be under water. It'll be soggy at best.

A good day for yard work. Spring having sprung, and all.


Badabing said...

Oh yeah, we're definitely getting sleet and ice in Maryland. I just flew in from Cleveland, where it was 70+ on Wednesday and snowed yesterday & today. I barely made it home from the airport without getting stuck...sports cars, at least mine, do not do well in the ice and sleet. The wife is still trying to inch her way home...more than an hour to go less than 15 miles. I think I need a drink.

Michelle said...

Actually with a new 3-wood you WILL play better. Just remember Thomas Tank Engine "I think I can, I think I can, I know I can".

Have a great weekend.

robotjam said...

Just blame your lack of skill on "getting used to the new club" or its incompatible with the type of golf balls you are using.

I played golf with my dad a few weeks ago, I did really well I didn't lose my ball down the hole once.