Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Not to raise B.B.'s Blood Pressure, but...

I just finished doing my other daughter's taxes with Turbo Tax.

This one lives in Chicago and thus has Illinois state taxes to file. Her husband had two jobs last year, plus a brief stint as a self-employed counsultant.

But, no problems! Both the federal and the state returns were finished in about 2 hours total -- and that included a couple of phone calls to her to ask questions.

The bad news is that, unlike the other daughter whose taxes I did on Monday, today's couple was under-withheld for both federal and state and will have to pony up a significant check for taxes due. As best I can figure, that is mostly the result of husband's multiple jobs and self-employment tax.

Well, I'm still a fan of the software.

I just like it better when the outcome is a refund!


Badabing said...

What?? Turbo Tax doesn't have a setting that you choose to guarantee a refund??

robotjam said...

Duke, this makes almost no sense to me, so let me get this straight, your other daughter was held by the state for sending her check by pony ?

Duke_of_Earle said...

Sorry, Rob. We speak a different language over here in the colonies.

The problem arises when the pony EATS the check, and then the payment can't be processed until the pony finishes processing it. Thus the whole issue of paying taxes becomes horse-sh*t.

Clearer now?

kenju said...

Me too.

The main reason we have not used Turbo Tax is that I run my business from home and deduct part of the expenses, and we are leery of trying to figure out all that ourselves, and perhaps making a mistake that would run up a red flag to the IRS (accidentally, of course).

robotjam said...

Yeah it all sucks Duke, I haven't worked out what these taxes are for either.

I've been paying road tax now for 10 years and I still haven't had a letter telling me which road is mine.

Christina said...

Thanks for doing my taxes. I'm glad I'm the one getting the nice refund!

kenju said...

Thanks for the visit and comment, John. I dont have time to read the post above right now, but I'll come back later.

The little boy in the photo that you mentioned, is the one that died recently, the youngest of the three boys.