Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Yuccas, and my golf buddy

Stand by for some yucca bloom pictures. We've had lots of rain and the air is warm. Our four yuccas in the patio/swimming pool area are all putting up multiple bloom stalks.

The back yard promises to be picturesque this spring.

Maybe I can talk Carol into getting some more good shots of birds so I can write captions. Since both of you seem to appreciate those, it's the least I can do.

We'll see.

Meanwhile, I'll share with you something I wrote last year as an entry to a golf magazine's contest. The idea was to describe "your golf buddy" in 200 words or less. This was my attempt:

My Golf Buddy

The best thing I ever did was marry her. Smartest thing I’ve done since then was giving her six golf lessons one year for Christmas. She’d always said it looked like a dumb game. “Chasing a little white ball...” etc.

Skeptical and a little apprehensive, she tried the lessons. By the end of the second one she was hooked. Unlike me, she learned proper techniques and habits from the start and thus has developed into a much better golfer than I am.

Now on Saturdays it’s, “What time are we going to the course today?” instead of, “You’re golfing AGAIN!?” Same on Sundays. Sometimes evenings after work for nine holes.

Our best golf trip? Well... Kapalua? Paradise! The Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail in Alabama? Wonderful! Scottsdale? Fantastic! But... maybe... it was that round at our home course when she watched me break 80 (just that once!) with a birdie on the 18th hole.

Yeah, she still shoots lower than me most rounds. And yeah, guys we get paired with sometimes ask me with a snicker, “Does your husband play?”

I just retort, “No, but I get to sleep with my golf buddy. Do you?”
(No, it didn't win a prize. I think it got a few snickers, though.)


kenju said...

That's pretty cute, John. Most men we know won't play golf with their wives.

Michelle said...

Over here it is the complete opposite of what Kenju said. Most wives don't have an interest in golf and their husbands go off each week for a game with their buddies. You and Carol are fortunate that you enjoy the same things.

Karyn Lyndon said...

I like yucca pics too...they just don't make as good subjects for captioning.

Candace said...

That was a great article!
Um, why are we standing by for yucky pictures again?
Ooohhhhhhhhhh, Yucca pictures. That's different. Nevermind.