Friday, February 18, 2005

Birthday Thoughts

Yeah, today is my birthday. Woo – woo. I know; who cares?

We celebrate the anniversary of our birth as if it’s a big deal. Gee, we’ve made one more trip around the sun. Isn’t that a great accomplishment? Aren’t we special? and no.

It’s fun to have a party, starting with a baby who’s just turned one year old. Those little ones are so cute with cake frosting smeared all over their faces and the rest of their immediate environment, crying in confusion at the candle we won’t let them touch and at all the attention they don’t understand.

At age two through about ten we delight in THEIR delight at presents, gift wrap, party dresses, friends over, games, and maybe a clown. We develop a culture where everyone thinks their birthday is THEIR special day. And while that’s not necessarily bad, it’s a misguided focus.

Whose special day should it be? Well, our mothers’, of course!

She’s the one who did all the work that day. She suffered through something no one of my gender will ever fully understand or appreciate.

But that was just the beginning. She then had to go through all the years of child rearing, with all that entails. Middle of the night feedings, diapers, daily laundry, teething, potty training... OK, you know the list, and how it goes on and on.

Then there was the mental anguish she went through watching us learn through trial and (lots of) error, putting up with us through a surly adolescence, and worrying about all the influences out there trying to lead us down a path she knew would not be the best for us.

On my birthday, those are the things I think about in pure wonder. I thank God that He instilled maternal instinct into the females of our species.

I know we celebrate much of that on Mothers Day each year. But that’s a generic day for all mothers. I always call my Mom on my birthday as HER special day, to thank and congratulate her specifically on her great accomplishment.

No, none of us ever turns out perfect. But it isn’t Mom’s fault. Give her a call on your next birthday and let her know how glad you are about the part she played in making you who you are!


Candace said...

Awww... what a great post! Happy Birthday to a fellow Aquarian!

Candace said...

Yes, I DID go to the link you posted and bookmarked it-- thanks!
My MS isn't ready for an agent yet, but I've got some good info now when the time comes.
'Hope your birthday was wonderful.

Abigurl said...

good thoughts. happy birthday.

Tisha from Texas said...

Happy Birthday a day late and three dollars short but you know, it's the thought that counts.