Friday, February 25, 2005

Fight brewing, III

Some interesting developments today. My daughter received her notice from the workforce commission scheduling her appeals hearing. Included in the envelope were some response materials from her ex-employer.

One of them was a memo detailing an event that happened last December. Supposedly it was written by my daughter’s supervisor. My daughter (I’ll call her Christina) had confided to a coworker the amount of her year-end bonus. He (the coworker) was unhappy that he received less and pitched a fit, complaining to his supervisor. Christina was counseled not to discuss her pay or bonus with other employees. She agreed not to do so. She had thought he was a friend and had only answered his question. It wasn’t as though she brought up the subject and bragged about her amount.

The memo alleges that Christina was sternly warned, not only about discussing compensation, but also about keeping busy and occupied between patient duties. That just didn’t happen. Clearly an attempt is underway to build a case. Christina doesn’t think the memo was written by the supervisor at all, but by the office manager. She had never seen this memo, much less signed it. In fact, the day after the incident she asked her supervisor if the incident was still a concern and was told, “No. Forget about it.”

Statements submitted by the office manager further allege that during her last few months on the job her attitude changed dramatically for the worse. That also didn’t happen. Nothing was ever said to her in counseling or as a warning about performance or attitude.

These allegations hurt her. She read them to me in tears over the phone.

I told her not to take it personally. Like they said in “The Godfather,” “It ain’t personal. It’s business.” It’s also horse manure. I plan to ask a series of questions about these claims and the document to show them false. At best, though, we’ll probably end up in a “He said, she said,” situation.

I’m hoping that when I bring out the facts about the decline in the practice and patient load, the fact of the pregnancy of two terminated staffers, and the departure of another staffer all at the same time, none of whom (as far as I know) have been replaced, the hearing officer will see what’s going on, or at least give Christina the benefit of the doubt.

More to come.

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