Friday, February 04, 2005

Romantic WHAT?

You want romance? I got romance! Only not so much in this blog. What you'll find in this blog is ramblings. Okay, some of them may be romantic, but most of them with be on other subjects.

The title is what it is because I've written what some would call a romance novel. I call it a neat, mostly true, autobiographical love story with a lot of 60s music references, some military training a la An Officer and a Gentleman, some military aviation, some tears, and an ending that... Well, let's not give everything away, shall we.

What you'll get here is the daily events in the life of an author wannabe who's written his manuscript, fought his way through the agonizing process of finding an agent (who thinks, maybe, that manuscript might be marketable), now hopes and prays that the agent is successful but who still has a day job that pays the bills until he's rich and famous. Or at least rich.

So, if you like what you're seeing, come back often. I've got lots of stories to tell. Some humorous, some exciting, and some might even include some romance. Ya never know.

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