Saturday, February 19, 2005

Phone problems resolved

On Friday our local telephone repair tech Bill (see postings below concerning my fight with the phone company) stopped by to test our circuits and ensure that we were connected back onto Verizon’s long distance network.

We were. I asked him if he’d ever figured out why it was impossible to accomplish that last week, but this week it was quick and seamless. He hadn’t. His best guess was that some programming technician somewhere in Verizon’s system made an incorrect keystroke that went undetected for a while. Somehow, somewhere in that tangled system, the programming either found and corrected the error or someone overwrote it with a new instruction.

Doesn’t matter. The problem is solved. I’m sure the attention is now focused on a new problem someone else is having. I wonder if anyone will think about all the opportunities for improvements in their company’s “customer service” group that MY problem revealed.

Somehow I doubt it. Analyzing why a customer was left with a bad taste in his mouth isn’t sexy. Determining if additional training is needed, or a shift in culture, or maybe even a review of the difficulty in speaking to a customer service rep — those aren’t sexy either. Jumping on an immediate current problem and getting it fixed is a much higher priority. And a lot sexier.

So despite my desire to reform Verizon into a custome service powerhouse, I doubt my letter writing will have much effect. It's a hell of a good letter. Funny, too. A little caustic in places, but hey, if the shoe fits...

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