Wednesday, February 09, 2005

How'd I come to write a novel?

For years I’ve told people the short version – a couple of paragraphs – of how I met my wife. Most folks would say, “Awwww. How sweet. What a neat story! You ought to write a book about it.”

But I never had the time. Or to be more accurate, I never took the time.

Then the company I work for went through bankruptcy and eventual liquidation. While the banks were trying to sell the facility where I work, I was retained as part of a custodial force to keep the place presentable and to help provide information to prospective buyers. For six months I came to the office four days a week for 8 hours. On many days I had little to do.

Since I now had the time, I took the time and wrote the story.

It’s called "Cherish Is the Word." Yes, it’s named after the old song “Cherish,” written by Terry Kirkman and performed by The Association back in the 60s. In fact, it’s full of references to 60s songs, and the title song actually becomes the story’s climax.

Most of it is true, including the influence of the title song. Some of the characters and events are fiction, and others underwent name changes and enough changes in specific details that they are unrecognizable.

You’d like it. Those who have read it are anxious for a sequel, which I’m currently about 20% into.

Can you buy it? Sure, if my literary agent is ever successful in selling it to a publisher and it makes it to market. What are the odds of that? Good question.

I intend to use this blog to chronicle not only my daily life and work events (to the extent I think they may be of interest to a casual reader), but also the journey of creating a novel manuscript and getting it “good enough” to be potentially marketable. Further I plan to describe the process I went through to find a literary agent who’d work with me and with whom I have now signed a representation agreement.

Stay tuned to future posts. If something interesting is happening in another part of my life, you’ll read about that. If not, you’ll get installments and updates on my attempt to break into the ranks of published fiction authors.

If you like what you read here, please let me know and put a link to me on your own blog. Plus tell all your email and chat room friends about Romantic Ramblings. If you don’t like what you read here, go away and never come back!


Anonymous said...

It's me- A2. Thought I would leave a comment to prove I did come check it out. Have you read/looked at many blogs? I will get you the address of Tina's. I don't know how often she writes these days, but you two can support each other. I hear that is what the blogging community does. The actual day to days of writing/editing the novel and hunting for an agent would probably serve as some pretty good fodder for these pages... or screens. Maybe not to potential publishers if you make it sound like too much of a struggle. But then, I am still not exactly sure on who or what your target is. I will end my musings there.

Holly said...

You have an amazing ability to capture the reader and make him/her want more. I can't wait for your book to be published. Can you email me when it is?

Duke_of_Earle said...


I'd love to. How do I email you? I can't find anything on your profile except the name "Holly."

James said...

Ah, the best fiction is that based not solely in fiction!

Just finished reading Johnathan Wild (an 18th century novel about a real life famous villian - obviously imbelished upon in the story... Unless there really is an elephant the size of windsor castle that eats lions....anyway...)

Can't wait to hear more about the novel and when/if it gets a release date. Maybe you can give us a few snipits for us to get an idea for the story, and the characters.