Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Q & A

Chenoah, one of my regular blog reads, and someone who comments frequently on my blog, recently had a blogger ask her 5 questions about herself and her blog. She answered the questions (very well, by the way) and stated that the first 5 readers to post a comment would get 5 questions from HER about their blog. They could answer on their own blog and repeat the offer to others.

Kind of a blog chain letter, with questions. Her blog is the top one on my list of "Other Blogs to Check Out," in the sidebar on the right.

I commented, and here are my questions from her:

1. Your novel, Cherish is the Word, is semi-autobiographical. Will the same be true of the sequel? And, do you have a title for it yet? (Heh. Sneaked in an extra question.)

No. The sequel is pure fantasy but includes many of the same characters as the original. I mean, c'mon -- the story of how I met my wife was pretty exciting, but I figured I would have to REALLY fictionalize the other events in my life to include the necessary conflict, suspense, and so on. It starts with a dramatic (I hope) action sequence and a hook that ought to grab anybody.

The title is All the Feelings That I Have. (Second line of the same song. It IS a sequel, after all.)

2. When do we get to see a picture of Ruth’s wedding cake?

Very soon, I hope. Her camera isn't digital, so I need to find out if she's developed the film, get her to bring over the shot and let me scan it. Thanks for the reminder.

3. We’d love to hear one of your navy pilot stories! (you gotta have at least one)

Oh, yes. I have a bunch. They're another idea for a book that's been "rambling" around in my mind for a year or so. I've actually written a couple of chapters already. I'll put one in my blog posting for tomorrow or later in the week. They're too long to include here.

4. Since you are such a good advocate for your daughter in her unemployment compensation case, had you ever considered a career in law?

Are you kidding? Everybody hates lawyers! There are more lawyer jokes than Aggie jokes in Austin! And, to be honest, I do NOT enjoy confrontation. I think I have enough "go for the throat" ability when I or my family members are threatened, but maybe not enough to be a good lawyer.

5. Now that you and Carol have been to Africa, do the two of you have another exotic locale in mind for a future trip?

Is Hawaii exotic enough? We were fortunate enough to go there once (1999) and dream of a return visit. We didn't QUITE get to play all the golf courses on all the islands.

OK readers. The first 5 to comment will get 5 questions from me about THEIR blogs. Bring it on!

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Candace said...

John, it was such a treat to come up with some questions for ya and especially to read the answers. "All the Feelings That I Have" is the perfect title for the sequel. I hope you get "Cherish" published soon because I'd love to read it! Hey, how 'bout some Hawaii pics?