Friday, January 13, 2006

I’m better now, thanks

Yesterday was pretty rough... until I located my feel-good pills. Today the threat of that “Duke of Earle Domino Effect” seems more remote.

Oh, there’s a lingering fear that something evil is lurking around me. But the sun is shining and I know the evil is weakened by the light, so I’m OK for now.

Tonight I plan to go to bed early, pull the blankets up over my head and try to hide from it. In my experience that doesn’t really work, but it feels good.

And I have a happier topic today!

My daughters both received some very nice financial information this week. I’ve promised that I wouldn’t go into details for fear of embarrassing someone, but whether it had to do with a bonus, a pay increase, more responsibility or more job security isn’t the only issue.

Yeah, I know, “Money talks, and B.S. walks.” I’ve heard it before. But of almost equal importance is the tremendous vote of confidence in each of them this represents. Both of them work in relatively small business with a single owner. These financial decisions were made by that owner, in each case.

They are both, obviously, perceived as very valuable to their companies. Money talks, but what it’s saying to them right now is pretty nice.

And I’m a very proud papa.

So, even though I’m about to be bankrupted by the effect that has now been named for me, maybe my daughters can support me in my soon-to-be homeless, impoverished state.

I’ll keep you informed. At least, until my desktop computer crashes and the laptop shorts out from immersion when the plumbing bursts and the house floods.


Viki said...

What the hell? Could you be any more cryptic?

Are you trying to force people to come back and read your blog or what?

All kidding aside, your children deserve everything they get. Not that I know them or anything, but with a DAD like you, they can't possibly be worth any less than a huge pay raise or a promotion or a bonus or whatever they might have received.

Sorry. Even worse than blogging drunk is commenting drunk.

Way to go, kiddoes! And why daddy is going to be poor because of it, I guess we'll have to read tomorrow or some other time when he feels we're worthy of finding out.

Viki said...

I'm tagging you. If you've already done this, then ignore it. If you don't feel like doing it, ignore it. I think you may have already done it, but I'm not going to re-read your entire blog just to see. I perused a bit and didn't see it. Anyway, 5 weird things about you. Tag 5 others. Come to my blog (which you've already done this morning) for the details.

Michelle said...

Well done girls especially seeing it is financial. Money certainly does talk and it certainly makes me happy. :-)

Jennifer said...

You know, I was sitting here innocently reading your post, when my power flicked on/off four times.

I think it is a conspiracy. A spreading one.

kenju said...

Well NOW you've done it! Don't you know that saying it out loud causes it to happen??? At least all I talked about were the things that had already fallen (in that domino way) - but not stuff that "might" happen.

You brought it on yourself, John, too bad.