Saturday, January 14, 2006

Tagged by the Babbler!

Viki, over at VikiBabbles has tagged me with a weird meme.

No, wait, the MEME’s not weird. The meme is about weirdness. Here are the rules:

List five weird things about yourself. Then tag five others and tell them they’ve been tagged by a comment on their blog.

Hmmm. Sounds simple enough. But wait... who defines what’s weird and what’s just, maybe, a little quirky? I mean, I think a lot of people are kind of weird, but just about everybody thinks I’m a very “normal” guy. And I am. Aren’t I? Well, who’s to say?

This may be harder than it sounded. Let me think. Okay, here goes:

1. I can hear a song just two or three times, and have it memorized cold (if I like it). Including nuances of the singer’s pronunciation (if any) and timing, the beat, the melody, the lyrics. Is that weird? I don’t know. It seems normal to me.

2. Uhhhh. I’m just sitting here wracking my brain. What little there is to wrack. I don’t think there ARE five weird things about me! I just asked Carol to help, but she snorted and went back to playing Sudoku on the laptop. Heck, she thinks it’s weird that I blog every day.

I mean, sure, there are things about me that might be different from a lot of others, but does that make them weird?

Tell you what... I’m going to ask for some help. My older daughter Christina reads this blog daily, and if anybody can figure out 4-5 more weird things about me, she can. In fact, knowing her, she’ll come up with about a dozen things SHE considers weird about her dad. But consider the source, please!

Okay, Christina, do your worst. In a comment, list some things about your old dad that you think others will think are weird.

Go ahead. Take your best shot. You won’t hurt my feelings. Much. I hope.

Oh, go ahead. I’ll get over it.

If you come up with five things, then I’ll tag some others.

The Duke rests.


Karyn Lyndon said...

Ooooh, ooooh! Let me help! How about that "exclusive" matching ski sweater club you belong to...that's pretty weird. I bet you have secret handshakes and passwords, too.

Anonymous said...

1. You can whistle and smile at the same time.

2. You have those wierd little bone growths or whatever they are in your mouth that you didn't realize were weird until the dentist told you that nobody else has them.

3. You actually enjoy puns to a degree that is somewhat sick.

4. You have been happily married to the same woman for almost 40 years and are still madly in love with her. That's not so much weird as just not that common these days.

5. You are delusional and paranoid and fear your appliances.

6. You understand the way my crazy brain works! (Mom thinks that's weird anyway)

I could go on and on. I don't mind coming up with weird things about you, but I really should go back and tell Viki that you totally copped out on this meme!

Anonymous said...

That is the second time in so many days that someone has mentioned No. 5 above and that's weird. Be careful with all ap*liances.

kenju said...


Anonymous said...

7. You are unusually modest.

8. You can't take a photograph without cutting off someone's head, or part of the main subject of said photograph.

9. You taught your daughter to identify the state of Kentucky on the map because the shape is similar to that of a chicken leg, as in KFC.

10. You were quoted in Newsweek Magazine for setting the unrolling-a-toilet-paper-roll-the-fastest world record.

Should I go on?

Anonymous said...

11. You are usually right handed, but you swing a golf club and a baseball bat leftie.

12. Everytime you hear something with a constant beat, like a ceiling fan, a pulsating engine, hell even a clock ticking, it always gets you thinking of some song on that beat. Sometimes that's pretty cool, but other times it's a little distracting.

Well, there's my dozen that you gave me credit for. I could have come up with more, but I think everybody gets the idea.