Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Not a Good Day

When I get sudden-onset lower back pain like this, it usually takes me about a week to 10 days of hobbling around like a little old man until it gets better.

Doesn’t matter if I go to the chiropractor or not, or if I go to the MD or not. I get a little relief from the pain from both, but only short-term. With the chiropractor it’s based on heat, massage, and “adjustment.” With the MD it’s based on painkillers and muscle relaxants. But in either case the pain doesn’t “go away” until my 10 days or so are accomplished.

This current spell hit me Saturday morning. I was able to get comfortable enough to sleep well on Saturday night and Sunday night. Last night I slept just enough to have gotten some rest, but every time I moved I was jolted awake and had to search for a comfortable position for a while before I could relax and drift off again.

Today has been BAD. I can be completely comfortable and pain-free in a certain position (sitting at my desk at work, for example), but then I’ll just shift my weight slightly and SSSSSSS (that was a “sharp intake of breath," in case you weren’t sure).

Okay, I’m ready for some symptomatic relief. I called the Chiropractor’s office. He only works a half-day on Tuesday and was booked up. So I called my Family Practice doc, and he’d see me at 2:30.

I came away with some Industrial Strength pain pills (Wheeeeee!). No “muscle relaxants,” because the doc is convinced it’s a bone-on-bone problem where the sacrum meets the pelvic bone on the left side. Well, okay. Hopefully there’s enough narcotic in the pain pills that they’ll knock me out and I’ll sleep tonight.

I can’t even think about getting ready for the ski trip at this point. Much less about writing an entertaining blog post. Sorry.

Maybe tomorrow if I’m under the influence of my legal drugs I’ll have a happy topic for you. We’ll see.

Oh, quick update on the agent querying front. I’ve had three rejections now. The last two were polite, thoughtful responses, not form letters. That was nice. The second one I thought interesting enough to share with you.

She wrote, “I'm sorry, I just don't particularly like novels set in this time period, and I took a look at the first chapter and I'm afraid my suspicions were confirmed about my reaction. I do very much appreciate the chance and the time you took with your very thoughtful query, and I'm sorry this just wasn't right for me.”

Gee. She doesn’t like the 60s. But, a lot of people DO read books about the 60s, and those books sell well and make money, so...

I replied, asking her if there might be another agent at her office who did not share her negative feeling towards that time period. I don’t have a lot of hope that she’ll offer up anyone, but we’ll see.

Oooo, I think I feel the narcotics kicking in! Good ni-iight!

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Anonymous said...

Your post could have been written by me describing the lower back problems I have - right down to the sound effects.

I know it is still a few more days before the pain will go away but I do hope each day will get more comfortable for you.