Monday, January 16, 2006

Weirdness meme tags

I am selective in the memes that I participate in and pass along to others. This particular one, into which I delved to a considerable depth in yesterday’s post, ended up being a lot of fun. Thus enlivened, I will no pass it along to others on my blogroll.

I was tagged for this meme by Viki over at VikiBabbles. She reported the rules to be:

“List five weird things about yourself. Then tag five others and tell them they’ve been tagged by a comment on their blog.”

Pretty simple sounding, but it was something that required a good bit of effort on both my part and that of my daughter. My selection of tagees may require some thought. I don’t want to tag just anybody.

I mean, some of my readers have a much higher weirdness quotient than others. Would they be the ones I should tag? Or would their responses be too obvious?

Maybe I should tag folks who don’t appear to be weird at all, so that they’ll surprise us all with their revelations. Yeah, that may be the way to go.

So, now that I’ve thought that through I shall name five folks who MAY or MAY NOT be obviously weird, and invite them to play for our amusement. As always, this is a voluntary tag (like, how could I force you, right?) But please give it a try. You might actually have some fun with it.

My tagees, in no particular order, are: (drum roll please. Thank you!)

1. T of Virginia, who last regaled us with a blog post several MONTHS ago, and thus is SERIOUSLY overdue for some amusement.

2. Schnoodlepooh, who seemed to take a great deal of delight in my daughter’s opinion of her father’s weird ways.

3. Michelle, the Goddess, who ALSO seemed delighted by Christina’s revelations, and may have some interesting South African weirdness to pass along.

4. Karyn, one of my favorite blog reads, who just can’t seem to get that house sold. There may be some question about whether or not she HAS any weirdness. Or, there may NOT be any question. Take your pick.

5. Finally, I tag Kenju over at “Just Ask Judy.” She shares my concern about the conspiracy of appliances and other inanimate objects, and since apparently SOME people think that is weird, she may have more to offer on those lines.

There! I’ve completed all the requirements of Viki’s tag. And it only took me four days of blog posts to do it.

She should be proud!


T. said...

I choose to call my personal quirks "superpowers." They are much more fun that way. They are listed on my blog.

Monica said...

I used to groan over the memes but they are kinda fun and let us find out a bit about each other, don't they?

kenju said...

It is almost ready; I'll probably post it at midnight tonight. I have to go back and mention appliances