Sunday, January 22, 2006

No Golf for the Weary

Today is cold and drizzly in my part of Texas. Thus I would not be playing golf even if my back WASN’T sending me into spasms and contortions every time I bend over at the waist even slightly. And that’s in SPITE of the prescription-level dose of ibuprofen I keep taking every 4 hours.

We still haven’t tried to run the new dishwasher. Carol is slowly loading it as we create dirty dishes. It just doesn’t DO in the Earle household to run a partially-loaded dishwasher. And since there are only two of us living here, it takes a few days to fill the thing up.

I feel pretty good about the supply line plumbing. Even though we haven’t run the machine, the water’s been turned on long enough that if it was going to leak it would have dripped by now. My concern at this point lies with the drain hoses and their connection to the adjacent sink drain.

So today I sit in front of my computer preparing queries for literary agents.

This love story novel is so dang good, somebody just HAS to publish it so all of you can read it and cry at the end. Authors who know have assured me that it has a “three hanky” ending. But that’s supposed to be good. Surely at least ONE agent out there will see the potential and fall in love with this thing. Then all he or she will have to do is get some publisher to fall in love with it, and bingo!

Ouch! I leaned forward when I typed, “bingo.” My back is still sore, and it’s not time for my next dose of anti-inflammatory pills yet. Oh well. I will suffer in silence.

Next week I will begin to regale you all with stories of our preparations for the annual Earle Family Ski Trip. I know you’re all dying to read about it. We should have lots of pictures to share and lots of good blog tales to tell.

For your OWN planning purposes, I’ll be gone from Feb. 4 until the 12th. We actually ski on the 6th through the 10th. Driving takes a day and a half each way.

Oh, don’t snivel. I’ll take the laptop, and maybe you’ll get some blog posts here while I’m gone.

In fact, if my back doesn’t heal in time, I’ll be sitting in the lodge typing blog posts every day while the rest of the family skis.

That sounds like it would suck Big Time. So excuse me while I go soak in a hot bath and then use the vibrator on my back.

We can golf here all year round, but skiing is just one week out of 52!


abigail said...

Aw! That really sucks about your back :( Have you tried going to a chiropractor? My dad's one so I've grown up with it and I highly recommend it. Either way, get better soon! *smile*

Karyn Lyndon said...

I've been catching up on your posts. Quite a week I missed including bodies falling from the sky, rejection via e-mail and appliance conspiracy. I'm sorry to hear about your back, too, and I'm also going to let the vibrator comment go this time. I must be losing my touch.

Have a great week!


Nankin said...

John, how about I send you some of my pain pills. I only need them occassionaly now. Bummer on the back.