Friday, September 23, 2005

And there she goes...

The weather today in Victoria, TX was sunny and HOT! The temp. got up to 98; Hades index only about 95% due to a steady northwesterly breeze.

Everything is closed; no banking, no mail delivery, nothing! With Rita headed off towards the Texas-Louisiana border but weakening (right now down to Category 3, 125 mph top winds, but forecast to got to category 2) our prayers are being answered.

I said early-on that I wouldn’t wish that kind of destructive force (like Katrina) on anybody, so while I was praying that MY area would be spared, I was mainly praying for the storm to weaken significantly.


Right now the storm is moving forward (NW) at 12 mph and is about 125-135 miles from the expected landfall spot. Sounds like it’ll hit around 4-6 tomorrow morning unless something changes. I don’t plan to get up early for the event.

Then, all the poor (unfortunate, not impoverished) people who evacuated towards the north will have to try to drive home through heavy rains and wind. What a great weekend.

Victoria may not even get any showers! We could sure use some rain.

But you know, I think I’ll just turn on our lawn sprinklers tomorrow and not complain.

Plus I’ll take Grandma out to lunch on Sunday, if the restaurants are open by then.


Nankin said...

John, I'm praying for you and the others in Rita's path. Let's hope she turns into a big nothing,

Mike Ashley said...

It sounds like you guys are okay and Rita is out of your area. My prayers to any who sufered and that this is the last of these storms to bother anyone any.