Friday, September 09, 2005

Thursday, 9/08.

Another day of golf. Another gorgeous day of weather in Georgia, and another beautiful golf course.

This time we drove about 90 minutes to another state park course near the border with South Carolina. The golf course was located along the shores of a huge lake, with 4 or 5 holes featuring shots across the water.

They might have been picturesque, but they rapidly became expensive for me. Both in terms of money and (mainly) my score. No, not Carol’s score, just mine. I don’t think she lost a ball all day. I lost … Well, let me just say that I found more than I lost. That ought to count for something!.

I know that most of you are bored with my golf tales. That’s OK. Sometimes your blogs bore me, too. So there!

On a different topic, I continue to be amazed at the number of unsecured wifi signals out there! This evening we drove back from the other state park (Richard B. Russell State Park, if you care) to Madison for dinner. We stopped at a convenience store for some ice and Carol immediately located about 8 wifi networks we could log on to.

She chose one (called “Linksys,” which is the name of a company that makes wireless routers and other equipment, and a lot of the wifi sites we find have that as the “default” name) and was soon connected to the internet as we sat in the convenience store parking lot.

I checked our emails and she browsed to the Weather Channel site to see what Hurricane Marie was doing. I didn’t have a blog post ready yet, so we logged off and drove back to the campsite after picking up some food for dinner.

Thus far on this trip we have logged onto the internet from inside our van in front of several motels, in front of a Best Buy store, in front of a Radio Shack, near a restaurant in Madison, GA, and tonight in front of a convenience store in another part of Madison. WiFi sources are becoming ubiquitous.

(Go ahead; look it up. I’ll wait.)

You know, that reminds me of the old song about Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Clyde the camel. You don’t remember that one? Well, at one point in the song a reference was made to Santa Clause, and a child-like voice proclaimed, “He’s EVERYwhere! He’s EVERYwhere!”

That’s ubiquitous.

Consider that your vocabulary lesson for today.
Oh, and remind me to tell you about this friend of mine who recently ordered DSL service for high-speed, always-on internet, and wanted wireless (wifi) so he could move his laptop around the house and go online without dragging a network cable around. He asked me for help selecting a wireless router.

I’ll tell you about that later. It’s a funny one.

Tonight it’s time for bed, and tomorrow we have another LONG drive to yet another different state park (Georgia Veterans’ State Park in Cordele, GA).

I’ll try to find one of those ubiquitous wifi hotspots tomorrow while we’re on the road and post this message to the old blog.

Oh, on more thing. This is for Karyn: For dinner tonight we picked up a medium Meat Lovers’ Pizza from Pizza Hut. Mmmm, indeed!

(That’s to make up for the golf stuff. Yes, I read your comments!)


Mike said...

Sounds like you are having a good time. Now who's going to remind us to remind you?

Karyn Lyndon said...

Could you get a little more haute on the cuisine?

Christina said...

Yeah, I'm sure that is a funny story.

Have a great rest of your trip!

kenju said...

Since the wifi is ubiquitous - you can be too!

Viki said...

Long time no see, John. I'm glad you're having a good time.

It was so incredibly lovely to be checking in with my favorite blogs and be able to read one that isn't FREAKING OUT about hurricane clean-up and government failures.

And now I'm going to go secure my wifi connection.