Tuesday, September 27, 2005

What’s with the heat??

Every day of the last five has set a new record for the high temperature in Victoria, TX, and always in triple digits.

Doesn’t Mother nature realize this is the last week in September? In four more days it will be October, for crying out loud! That’s Autumn! It’s time for cool fronts and windbreakers. Golf should be played this time of year in long pants and sweaters. But we’re suffering in shorts and tees.

Thinking back (but not very far – as Carol will tell you my memory is suspect for any time much past 15 minutes ago), it seems as though it was all the way back in May of this year that I created my now-standard joke about the “Hades Index” and wrote my poem about finding Satan vacationing in Texas, but deciding to go home where it would be cooler!

(I’m still proud of that poem and of the Hades Index idea. If you missed it I’ll be happy to run a reprise!)

This area was supposed to get a “cool front” on Thursday to bring the daily highs all the way down to the LOW 90s (Woo-Hoo!!), but now the forecasters are saying it might stall out before it reaches us. Wonderful.

So, Robin, or Hamel, or Katie B., or even you, Mike, please send us some of your cool weather down to South Texas. We NEED it!

Oh, and one more brief note on yesterday’s post about my stolen identity...

Nankin, the same thought DID occur to me yesterday, and yes, I DID call Discover Fraud Prevention back using the 1-800-DISCOVER phone number that’s guaranteed to be the real deal. I confirmed that it WAS them that called and not some scammer.

Good thought, though. Thanks!


Hale McKay said...

You are welcome to some of our cool weather. I am glad it has finally cooled off and the humidity became bearable. But as usual here in New England, the change of equinoxes is always so darned drastic instead of gradual. 80s one day, 40s the next. Shorts and tees one day, long pants, long sleeves and a jacket the next.
...Hope it cools off for you soon.

Hale McKay said...

By the way, John, I have put up another one of those 'Name That Tune" stories with the hidden song titles in the story text. This time used 50s,60s,70s,80, and 90s songs. I used 76 song titles this time.

Jodi said...

Local weather gurus have forecasted low 80's, though it's felt more like mid 70's up here.

I'll do my best to push a little in your direction. I'll even add some foliage if you're good.