Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Wednesday, 9/7

Golf. Wonderful golf. Gorgeous weather, few people on the course, an occasional deer munching on leaves, manicured fairways and greens… What more could we ask for?

At home in South Texas the terrain is almost completely flat. We live on the coastal plains, after all. By contrast, here in Georgia the land is more like piedmont, with some significant elevation changes among hills and gorges.

It’s fun to launch a golf ball from a tee on top of a hill and watch it soar, hanging in the air longer than normal as it falls, then carom down the slope.

As long as it stays in the grassy area (fairway) between the ranks of tall pine trees on either side. If it strays off course, you must face the direction it’s going, raise your right hand and sadly wave goodbye as it disappears over a steep embankment and rattles around the tree trunks further down the hill.

I’ve learned that “wave goodbye” maneuver from years of experience. It is equally effective in flat country when the fairways are bordered by water, tall weeds or trees with undergrowth around them.

Carol has not yet discovered how well it works. Of course, she would seldom have occasion to apply it so it’s of little use to her.

There are times when I’m tempted to use a different gesture as the ball disappears into the _______ (water, trees, weeds, rough: pick one), but golf is supposed to be a gentleman’s game with manners and etiquette, so I refrain.

Yes, sadly, as you may have surmised, I had the opportunity to use that “wave” maneuver more that a few times today. But that didn’t diminish the beauty of the surroundings among the cathedral pines; the only sounds being the birds chirping in the trees, the distant muted roar of mowing equipment, and the occasional ”SHIT!! from a nearby tee just before a golfer executes the “wave” maneuver.

Well, some use a different word, but this is a family blog, and golf is supposed to be a gentleman’s game with manners and etiquette.

Today we played our 36 holes pretty expeditiously (weekdays the golf courses are usually not too crowded, especially when school is in session), so I’m writing this as we sit on the sofa in our nice camper with the air conditioner running, and a cold beer beside me.

In an hour or so we plan to drive back to Madison, GA, to find a grocery store and perhaps to have another meal at the Chop House. Plus we’ll hop aboard the wifi signal from the Olde Colonial Restaurant, post two days worth of blog posts, and check emails.

A fitting ending to an altogether lovely day!


Michelle said...

I am going to invent a golf ball that has a remote control mechanism so you can press a button and it will come rolling back to you. But we won't tell Carol about it and she'll be amazed that your ball is never in the rough.

Enjoy Madison and your dinner.

Nankin said...

Actually, I think someone should invent a golf ball that screams, "I'm over here, Dummy." I might even try golf again if that happened.

Glad you're having a good time.