Monday, September 05, 2005

Georgia, on my mind.

Sunday was a nice relaxing day; our last with Joy, Johnny and Trevor. We had such a nice visit with them. Leaving their home last night was definitely bittersweet.

We spent much of the day together -- including lunch at Whataburger, several hours at the state park where we were camping hiking along the river looking for alligators, and then cleaning up before ordering pizza and watching a rented movie.

We saw no alligators, but we DID see a snake (yes, we got at least one or two pictures of it) and a huge Great Blue Heron (again, at least one picture ought to be good) during the hike. Trevor seemed to enjoy the hike, riding in his stroller. He’s just 4 ½ months old, so the wildlife went unnoticed by him.

Yes, I’m biased. I’m his grandfather. But he is the cutest little guy! He’s very good-natured and has so many facial expressions that he always seems to be communicating. We’re already looking forward to the next time we see him. He’ll be changing so fast at this age.

This morning we were up before dawn and were pulling out of the campground by about 7 a.m. We expected pretty heavy traffic along the interstate since this is the last day of a holiday weekend, but it was only what I would describe as moderate. Consequently we covered the 450 miles to Hard Labor Creek State Park in Georgia by about 3:45 p.m.

Weather here is clear, temps in the 80s; just gorgeous. We found a nice, level, paved (DRY!!) campsite and will probably have the park pretty much to ourselves for the next few days. We’re planning on playing all the golf we can stand for the next 4-5 days before heading north to Maryland.

One interesting note is the number of free, unsecured wifi spots we’ve come across. Just about every time we get off the Interstate for gas or food we’ve found between two and 10 opportunities to connect and go online for no charge. Hopefully this evening we can find at least one in Rutledge, GA, so I can post this message.

If the post is dated 9/5, you’ll know I was successful!

(If not, no telling WHEN it’ll get on Blogger.)

P.S. I’m missing being able to keep up with those of you on the blogroll. Also, I rarely get to read comments.

Ah, well, the price we pay to take a vacation trip!


Anonymous said...

Leaving must have been incredibly difficult. Enjoy what's left of your vacation!

Anonymous said...

I am so looking forward to seeing the pics of your trip.