Saturday, September 10, 2005

Saturday, 9/10.

Today is Carol’s birthday! She is now, once again, as old as I am! And of course, I take great delight in rubbing that fact in. Though now a very old lady, she still appeals to me in just about every way you can imagine. (Even YOU, Karyn!)

This was the last day of intensive golf on this vacation. Now, what’s that sound I hear? Is it cheering? Are both my blog readers cheering the fact that they will not have any more golf stories to read about?

Ah, but there’s always TODAY’s stories!

Today we played again the course that we’ve decided is our favorite among these Georgia State Park courses, The Creek at Hard Labor Park. We even took some pictures to share with you after we get home, get the film developed, scan the negatives, and put them on the internet. Then publish a link to them on the blog.

For now you’ll have to put up with some description. We saw deer, one wild turkey (no picture – it disappeared into the woods before we could get the camera ready), three raccoons, more deer, and quite a few wild golfers. Carol took some scenery shots of the gorgeous golf course, too.

I was disappointed in one of the wild golfers. He was on a tee about two holes behind us when he hit his shot, shouted, “Damn, damn, damn, damn!” and slammed his club into the ground three or four times. We both started laughing and had a hard time stopping.

Why was I disappointed? He didn’t execute the “wave goodbye” maneuver to his golf ball! You’re supposed to do that BEFORE you shout whatever curses come to mind. And golf is a game with very specific rules and etiquette.

Oh, well. Maybe nobody has told that guy about the etiquette of waving goodbye first.

After the golf we came back to the camper, cleaned up, and went into Madison for dinner one final time. You’ll have to wait to find out what we had, because I’m posting this BEFORE we eat. From some wifi hotspot we happen upon. If there’s a story in that, I’ll have to tell it tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be a LONG day on the road as we drive to Hagerstown, MD. Then we plan to spend 2-3 days with my sister and my mom before heading west to Chicago.

More on our travels soon!


the many Bs said...

I can tell you're having a very relaxing vacation. Good for you. I'm glad your golfing is fun, and you're keeping us updated on the scores, no? Probably having too much fun to keep score.

Anonymous said...

Or too embarrassing!

Ha ha ha.