Friday, October 07, 2005


Fall. Finally!

But don’t blink or you’ll miss it.

Our first “cold” front of the season blew through yesterday and our high temperature today is supposed to be about 20 degrees cooler than the average high for all of last week, or 76 vs. 96.

In fact, if the high today only reaches 76, that’ll bee cooler than the LOW on many days this summer.

The low last night was in the low 60s, and if it’s clear tonight we’re liable to se the upper 50s!

Well, for US that’s a big deal! I’m probably located farther south than any of my regular readers. (except you, Michelle. But you’re in a whole 'nother HEMISPHERE, so that doesn’t count. Your seasons are all backward down there anyway, and you’re ready to start telling us how Spring is springing.)

But all the rest of you, even those in Dallas area and Austin, get more fall and winter than we do in Victoria.

Anyway, it sure felt good to drive to work in the pre-dawn this morning with the air conditioning off and the vents open.

Tomorrow will be a perfect day, weather wise, for golf. Sunshine, a high temp in the 70s, and little wind.

I may not get to play, though, because Carol’s been having some upper arm (rotator cuff) problems recently and can’t comfortably raise her arms in a golf swing. I tried to tell her I’d quit beating her around the upper arms if she’d just do things my way more often, but NO. So it’s all her fault. She’s brought it on herself.

(Isn’t that just SICK? But that’s the justification some lower life-forms that call themselves “men” use for hitting their wives/girlfriends. It makes me so mad I want to hit THEM. I can’t even joke about it without getting angry.)

OK. Sorry about that.

The thought of me raising a hand to Carol is just so foreign. Of course, if I ever did I know I wouldn’t see her for at least two weeks. And THEN, if I were really lucky, I might just begin to see her through the slit in my left eye as the swelling went down.

No, I can’t even joke about that. Any form of physical abuse between married partners is just so wrong on so many levels. My advice to anyone in a relationship like that is to do whatever it takes to get out of it. Now!

End of sermon.

Ahhhh. The weather is just about perfect.


Nankin said...

John, great sermon. It can't be said often enough.

Christina said...

Now I know why the title of your blog is "Ramblings". You do flow fairly smoothly from topic to topic, joke to serious, though.

But, seriously, I agree!

Monica said...

Hi there, stranger! Isn't our Texas weather something?

Have a great weekend!!!

Michelle said...

Yes, Spr.. Spri ... Spriii - that season is supposed to be here and flowers are blooming but thank the pope because it is still cool. Been raining on and off and I just would like to prolong summer a little longer.

Men who abuse woman and children need to receive life imprisonment without parole. I think for these types of acts, justice should be extremely harsh.

Have a fantabulous weekend and all the best to Carol - hope her arm heals quickly.