Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Preparing my poem

I didn’t make a big deal of this, and maybe some of you don’t know, but one of my blogroll friends Viki is from Chicago and just felt compelled to offer me a bet on the World Series. Since I’m from Texas, and not too far from Houston, I felt compelled to accept.

Right now that looks like a pretty dumb move, right?

Oh, well, why should I let logic get in the way of team spirit and emotion?

Neither of us was in the mood to lose any money over this, so the loser pays off by writing and posting on his/her blog a poem about the whole affair. After last night’s game (#3) I’ve started drafting my poem.

Heck, I’ll probably need it tomorrow.

But you never know. The old ‘Stros have kept it close in most of the first three games. So much so, in fact, that the outcome was in doubt up until the last pitch. I mean, getting swept is bad. But getting blown out and swept would be horrible.

Of course, as many of you are thinking right now, it’s only a game, and who cares anyway? I’m not really that big of an Astros fan.

Now Carol’s mom is a different story. At 82 years old she still watches every game during the season if it’s televised. And if not, she listens on the radio. Then she always calls her twin sister (who lives about 75 miles away) and exults if the team won, or grouses if they lose.

But I don’t even know the names of all the Astros’ players or what position they play. Still, I kinda hope they win one game, at least. It would be really nice if they could win the next two to send the series back to Chicago. Then the home town crowd can cheer their home team on to final victory.

And what would be REALLY nice is if the ‘Stros could somehow (cheat if necessary) win the next three and make it a one-game contest.


Because I stated in my bet that if it took the White Sox 7 games to beat Houston, I wouldn’t lose!


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GMadrid said...

Shame it ended 1-0 tonight. :( I think next year it will be the Cubs turn.