Tuesday, October 04, 2005

So I took Monday off! So sue me!

Actually I guess I’m flattered that at least one of my thousands of readers noticed that there was no new post on my blog yesterday.

You don’t think I have thousands of readers? Well, just look at the hit counter. Even discounting all the times that I accessed the blog to post, edit, or view and write comments, there are thousands of hits.

Yes, I’m aware that the thousands of hits could be just one person (like Michelle, who actually suggested it) hitting the “refresh” icon thousands of times. But Michelle’s WAY too busy with her new entrepreneurial venture to do something like that. And that person would have no life! Besides, what possible motive could he/she have?

(See? I read enough John Grisham and watch enough Perry Mason to know that you’ve got to have means, motive and opportunity to convict someone. Ha!)

But don’t blame the Sudoku. I’m already tapering off on that time waster activity. Guess I’m down to only about 4 hours per day now. And my job has been too busy after that long vacation to sneak time off to play, so it’s all been at home.

Did I tell you I got Carol started on Sudoku too? She started off a bit slow and I thought maybe I’d finally found a pastime where I could beat her on at least an occasional basis. But after two days she’s finishing the puzzles faster than I can. That’s another reason I’m tapering off.

Just as in her supremacy at golf, I blame my inferior equipment for mastering Sudoku. In fact, it’s the same mental equipment that causes me problems at golf.

No, my only excuse for disappointing so many of you yesterday who called up my blog only to find the old stale Sunday post is that I did chores after work. What chores? Well, car maintenance stuff; like changing oil, washing the windshield, and airing up the tires.

I have an air compressor with a small tank for airing tires. When I tried to use it, a check valve was stuck and the regulator didn’t want to regulate. So in order to air the tires I had to disassemble the compressor parts, clean and lube them, and reassemble. So what should have been a 45 minute job took over two hours.

After supper I browsed the blogs on my blogroll, emailed daughter Joy, and went to bed early. A really exciting evening, right? Maybe today I’ll get motivated enough to post something.

Or maybe I just did.


Christina said...

Yeah, I noticed you didn't post yesterday, but didn't say anything because I figured you were getting your vacation pictures developed. (hint, hint)

Sure, Mom can kick your (and my) butt on number puzzles, but ask her which '60's group sang "For What It's Worth" and she wouldn't have a clue. Plus, she would have no idea how satisfying it can be to skip all your morning classes and sleep til noon. See, we have some advantages! Or, wait...do we?

Karyn Lyndon said...

This is not the first reference to your inferior equipment...I'm sorry to hear it. Doesn't Pfizer have some pill for that?

Duke_of_Earle said...

MENTAL equipment!

The modifier was "MENTAL".

But yeah, they probabaly have a pill for that, too.

Olivier Verdin said...

Like Sudoku? Check out www.sudokuprime.com

Jodi said...

I had no idea what Sudoku was, so I looked it up. My father-in-law got me into vidoe slots. The fun ones where each game has a theme and if you get 3 of whatever theme on an active payline for example, a bonus screen comes on awarding even more money than I know what to do with. Sadly, it's not real money.

But everyone needs a day off. Even writers of soon-to-be best-seller novellas :-)

Michelle said...

Cool - you have almost reached 10,000 comments. You are right, I have been busy so you can't blame all the hits entirely on me and my adoration of your blog.