Saturday, October 08, 2005

Sunshine, Superman

Are any of you old enough to remember Donovan? Today reminds me of that song.

Bright sun, temps in the 70s, no wind (just a slight movement of air every now and then to remind you you’re outside). Today is one of those “soft” days.

I actually went out after mid-morning and did some chores in the garage and back yard, and didn’t even break a sweat!! First time in over six months!

They say that spring puts a spring in your step, makes you feel frisky, and turns a young man’s thoughts to love. Well lemme tell you – I’m no longer even close to being young, but as for getting that frisky feeling, nothing gets me going like a cool, crisp day with bright sun after months of hot, humid summer.

“Superman and Green Lantern ain’t got,
Nothin’ on me!”

Yup, a great day. Too bad about no golf, but Carol goes to a specialist on Monday and hopefully he can get her arms back to normal quickly.

This will just be a weekend to glory in the beauty outdoors, relax, and maybe get a few small projects done.


Karyn Lyndon said...

Yeah, there's something about the season changing that gets the sap moving in one direction or another.

Karyn Lyndon said...

Oh, and here's a thought. Maybe Carol's shoulder problem isn't golf related. Maybe it's carpel tunnel from the addictive computer game...