Monday, October 17, 2005

Photos and Carol

As my regular readers all know, I consider myself a writer. Thus this blog is oriented more to the printed word than to visual imagery.

(Translation: I don’t post pictures here. I just write stuff.)

However, I DO occasionally put pictures, scanned images, photographs and so on, on my free web space I get from my ISP, and put a link to those images IN my text, so you’re not totally deprived of eye candy.

Some of you (Christina) have been anxious for pictures from our recent vacation, including shots of our grandson. You will be pleased to know that some progress has been made in that regard.

What progress? Today we took 4 rolls of exposed film to Wal-Mart to get them developed. We should get the pictures on Thursday.

What? One hour processing? Yeah, I know about it. But why should we pay for that when we’ve already waited 3 weeks after the trip to take the film in? C’mon, use your head!

Anyway, on Thursday we will sort through the shots, scan them to digitize them, crop and adjust them to the point we’re happy with them, and then you MIGHT get to see some of them on a link I’ll provide. If any turn out.

Carol is the expert in this family in digitally processing photos. Really! She has become very adept with both Adobe Photoshop and with JASC’s Paint Shop Pro. The only downside is, she’s such a perfectionist that she takes a LOOOOONG time to get them just the way she wants them.

That’s why I’m glad she likes to do that stuff and will do it while I’m at work. If it were up to me, I’d pay the extra $1 per roll and get the pix on a CD, then just upload them to a web page with some captions and you’d see exactly what came out of the camera.

But no. When Carol is done they will be as good as they can be. Neatly cropped to the perfect size to highlight the main feature in the shot, brightness and contrast adjusted, even any stray specks from dust on the lens or from processing flaws will be “cloned” out.

Like most everything she does, she’s good at that. God, I love that woman!

They say opposites attract, but that can’t be true in this case or I’d be a total loser and an idiot.

And we all know that’s not true.

Don’t we? (No answer is required, thank you ALL very much!)


kenju said...

Of course that's not true, John!
And when I posted all the "he said, she said" stuff today - you were exempted, as you always are. Mere men is not the category you belong in!!

Karyn Lyndon said...

I totally understand Carol's love of photshop. Once you've cropped and enhanced you can never go back!

And I was wondering what Carol was doing while you were making omelets at 5:30 in the morning...she must be cloning out dust particles...right?