Friday, October 21, 2005

Out of town again

The Duke is taking leave of this blog and of his normal weekend routine this afternoon. Some might add, “ he routinely does of his senses, right?” But that would imply that I HAD some sense, occasionally. An arguable position.

Carol and I are taking our camper and our friend Ruth to Central Texas for a weekend golf outing. A cool front is supposed to blow through here tonight, and the forecast for tomorrow where we’ll be is clear with a high of 79. On Sunday, after an overnight low of 47 (!!), the forecast calls for clear with a high of 76.

It doesn’t get much better than that.

We’ll leave this afternoon and come back late Sunday. It’ll be a little mini vacation. I can quit thinking about things like substance abuse policies and random drug tests. How lovely!

So, if you stop back by over the weekend you may or may not find a new post here. Oh, we’ll take the laptop along, and I think the campground has wifi now, but I may not find (or even try to take) the time to post anything. Unless I get a hole-in-one or something special like that. Not too likely.

But, what the heck... Check back and see. You never know.

Change of topic:

The Perfect Christmas Gift For the Person Who Has Everything!

Click HERE and read the last (big) paragraph under Michelle’s October 20 post titled, “Out From Under the Rock.”

What a great idea. The 500 South African Rand converts to just under $76 U.S. Think of all your friends (relatives?) who would love to get an “adopted” South African penguin for a gift!


Michelle said...

Have a wonderful golfing weekend. As I have still not fully recovered, I will continue to nurse myself and stay indoors.

Thanks for popping by my blog and leaving me get well wishes.

BTW, the penguin adoptions are going for 250 South African Rands until the end of December. Sea Harvest (our largest sea fisheries) is sponsoring the other half - so the price is even better.

Mike Ashley said...

Try to break 100 and not just on the front nine! LOL! Good luck and enjoy.
...Yes, adopting a penguin in someone's name is an excellent idea for a Christmas present ... Hmm .. thinking.

Michelle said...

I am almost human again so you can come back - you wont get infected.