Thursday, January 19, 2006

Thanks, readers!

You guys and gals are SO supportive. And I appreciate it.

Over the past year or so (my entire blogging life) I come to feel that I’m a part of your extended family. Well, of most of you, anyway.

You’ve shared your high moments and low moments with me. I’ve participated with you emotionally in both. We’ve laughed together and lamented (if not outright cried) together. I’ve offered some support here and there, and so have every one of the rest of you — not just to me, but to each other.

I used to think, before I tried it for a while, that blogging was pretty lame and a great waste of time. And a waste of time it CAN be. But it doesn’t have to be. It can also be a learning experience. It can be a way to practice a writing style, a method of venting, a catharsis.

It can also be a lot of fun, especially when several commenters get into the spirit of a humorous post and add their unique perspectives to the subject.

What got me started on this vein? All the comments to my post of yesterday. I just wanted to say thank you.

So I did.

And yeah, I’ll be delighted to send an autographed copy of my bestseller novel to all you who have requested it! The only condition is: you have to agree to read it and tell everyone you know if you like it. Well, that plus if they get really expensive to me you might have to help me cover my costs. We’ll see.

(Ha! First it has to get published! And before that I have to find a good agent. And then the whole process, IF it even happens, will probably take well over a year!)

Meanwhile, stick around. It’s been fun so far, and I imagine it will continue to be.

With extended family like YOU, it HAS to be!


Anonymous said...

Hello, cousin John. Like any distant family member, I sense sucess and success = scratch. Just taking my place in line with hand outstretched.
...Seriously, good luck. Count me also as one who will want to read your work. I suspect you are actually waiting for the finalization of the movie rights, hence the delay.

Anonymous said...

sounds promising! :) I'll be around..

Candace said...

Thank YOU, John. I have high hopes for you and Cherish.
It's wonderful how many of us in the blogosphere can feel so close yet we may never meet in person.

Anonymous said...

I am glad to be part of your extended family.

I just have to start earning beeg bucks now as I want you to pass an autographed book directly into my hands at your first book launch.

Anonymous said...

I know you will be successful at this whole writing gig, so just keep at it.
AND why didn't you email me with your back pain issues? That is MY job, goofball.
Good luck on finding another agent. Its all about the fit, I think.