Saturday, October 14, 2006

Camera withdrawal

In case you’ve been wondering about the dearth of photos on this blog lately, there’s a reason.

Our SLR digital camera developed (no pun intended -- and since there’s no film in a digital camera, there was nothing to develop anyway, right?) a slight problem last July. On every picture, at the same spot or location on the photo, you could see a tiny red dot. It was only noticeable if the background at that spot was dark, and even then you’d never see it unless you displayed the picture at 100% size.

But it was there, and it was sometimes annoying.

Using Photoshop Carol could clone it out, so it didn’t really matter too much. But the camera was still in full warranty. So after Ruth’s wedding (where Carol took nearly 200 pictures, so there was LOTS of “cloning out” to do) we sent the Camera off to California for repair.

The bad news is; Carol was going through camera withdrawal for about two weeks. She overcame that by working in Photoshop on all the wedding pictures, so it wasn’t too bad.

The good news is, the camera is now back, safe and VERY sound, and fully repaired at no charge.

I wish they had sent us some kind of explanation about what they found, or what they did to fix the problem. But there was no explanation at all. Nothing. We don’t know if they simply cleaned it, adjusted something, or replaced components.

Doesn’t matter, really. The bottom line is: it works now, with no red spot! Carol is much happier.

And when mama’s happy, EVERYBODY’S happy!


Ana Lee Kennedy said...

Do the cameras that tie into a seperate picture printer have to be installed into a pc too? I'd like to have one that doesn't require eating up more of my pc's memory.

Christina said...

Glad Mom's got her camera back. Now, how about some pictures?

Anonymous said...

Yay for getting the camera back!

I finally got a digital SLR (Canon) but haven't taken many photos yet. It sure makes a difference in the quality though.