Monday, October 23, 2006

Typical Texas

Saturday we played golf. The temperature was in the upper 80s with very high humidity and almost no breeze at all. By the end of the round my shirt was soaked. Heck, even my underwear was soaked. (Yeah, I know: TMI. Sorry.)

We walk the course whenever possible. That day we managed to do so, but by the last few holes I was just about shot, physically. The air conditioning in the car felt SOOOO good driving home! A cool shower and cold beer really hit the spot.

Then came Sunday. Cloudy with drizzle in the morning, but mostly cloudy with no rain in the early afternoon. The temperature was 56 with a north wind blowing.

We walked the golf course again, but this time in long pants and sweatshirts, with a light jacket handy. Driving home it felt SOOOO good to be warm and out of the wind. A nice hot shower hit the spot. Later we watched TV on the couch, dressed in sweat pants and tee shirts, and under a light blanket.

Today is cool and dry and beautiful, but by tomorrow the humidity is supposed to be back, with afternoon thundershowers.

“What a difference a day makes.
Twenty-four little hours.”


bigwhitehat said...

I once entertained a freind from Arizona in December. She couldn't beleive that the sun could be shining on a clear day and still be too cold for a light jacket.

kenju said...

We once stopped in Colorado to visit friends, while on our way to CA. The day we arrived, it was about 50*, cool, but sunny. The next day (after a warm night) the meadows were filled with wildflowers of all colors, which had bloomed overnight. It was beautiful. Two days later, as we flew out of Denver, they had a snowstorm that landed 15" on them, and it was May 2nd!

Duke_of_Earle said...

I guess every locale has its stories about how the weather can change dramatically overnight. On my first trip to Yellowstone (on a June 25!) we were unable to see Old Faithful erupt, although we could hear the roar. Why? It was snowing so heavily! Two days later we went back and watched it spout under sunny skies and temps in the 70s.

Christina said...

I remember that trip to Yellowstone VERY well. It was mine and my sister's first time to ever see snow. (more than a couple flakes that melt the second they hit the ground,anyway). Snow in the summer!!! We were so excited about that.