Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Candace did it... Not me!

Dear readers, I fear the worst has happened.

Although I have striven mightily over the last several months to AVOID any mention of the dreaded “C” word, Candace has now done so. And most of you know what that means!

If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, please review yesterday’s post on this blog (below) and the comments.

I mean; all I was trying to do was offer a humorous complaint – sort of “tongue in cheek,” y’know? But nothing really serious – about a couple of long days at work.

Karyn jumped in with her own crack about being too tired to make a smart-a** comment. Now THAT was funny! We ALL know that no matter HOW tired Karyn is she can ALWAYS be depended upon to provide a smart-a** comment! In fact, most everything that she says is smart. Because SHE’S smart! Right, K?

And then RobotJam made an appropriate dig about getting to work 8 hours before I wake up in the morning. To which I now respond, “Yeah, Rob, that may be. But before I get HOME from work the sun has been down over at your place for hours!”

(I never can work out the time difference between here and the UK. I always forget if I’m suppose to spring forward or fall back going east. I remember an old ditty about it from years ago... Something about “East is least and West is best, and never Mark Twain I’ll meet.” I never did know what that meant.)

I even had a serious comment from a reader I’ve never heard from (or of) before: Stag. He looks like a very neat Canadian with a world-class beard and some SEE-REE-US weapons from the Middle Ages.

But... (HUGE sigh)... then Candace had to make her “conspiracy” comment.

I fear that we are now doomed to round after round of all kinds of mechanical/electrical/plumbing/etc. failures, made even worse by extremely busy days at work (for those of us who work).

But don’t blame me. Candace did it this time. Not me.


Candace said...

No, no, no! I was referring to a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT situation - workloads, not electricity and plumbing and stuff like that - so IT DOESN'T COUNT! I'm sure it doesn't - look it up. I think it's in the Bible somewhere. Leviticus, maybe.

Karyn Lyndon said...

I really was too tired, otherwise I would have made some crack...but never about the C word...Never!

Anonymous said...

I finally got it to work. Blogger must have had a C-word going on.