Monday, October 16, 2006

A new day

Gee. Yesterday I posted about a lazy, rainy day, and not getting much done. Today was... well, different.

Today I got to deal with the immediate aftermath of the positive drug test I wrote about last week. And it’s pretty good news so far. The employee has already been to his first counseling appointment and begun the process of rehab. He states that he is resolved to get cleaned up and change his ways. I sure hope so.

Then I dealt with a pay issue involving a maintenance call-out on the seventh consecutive day worked in a work week. Why was that an issue? Well, we have specific policies dealing with those situations, but an employee thought his particular circumstances were outside of the policies’ guidelines. I had to convince him that no, they weren’t. (Don’t worry. He’s getting paid well. And—more importantly—he’s getting paid consistently with the way we’ve paid others in the past.)

The phone rang... well, not constantly; but a lot! There were issues about our uniform service, questions about schedules and time sheets (today was “time-sheet” day when everyone had to turn in their time for the previous two-week pay period), and the inevitable calls soliciting donations and contributions.

Ant to top it off, today (and tomorrow) the outside auditors are in to look at our ISO-9000 Quality Program.

All of that “stuff” falls within my HR department. I’m fortunate there were no safety or plant security issues today!

I guess the time DID pass fairly quickly with all that activity.

But tomorrow? I’d just as soon have a day like Sunday.

P.S. Closing in on 25,000 hits! Woo-Hoo!

HA! This from Michelle:


Michelle said...

You are going to get to 25,000 within the next couple of minutes.

It is SO irritating when the week starts off with a gallop instead of a walk. I hope the second half of your week calms down.

Christina said...

I noticed yeasterday that you were getting really close. Congrats!

Christina said...

close to 25000 that is. that last comment may have been a little vague...

Monica said...

It seemed like a hectic day at work here, too, but not like yours. We had to do a lockdown on the church for a little bit while they tried to figure out where the gunshot came from. But it wasn't found and we eventually relaxed.

Lucy Stern said...

You did all that with all that rain we had today? I ended up with a flat tire and had to go over to Discount Tire and get new tires on my car.

Michelle said...

Cheers! Here is to another 25000 more hits and may all those hits be fans. Congrats.

Candace said...

Nice going, John!
Now get back to work.