Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Dedicated to Elizabeth.

Today I arrived home from work to find that my wonderful wife Carol had been IM-ing our younger daughter Elizabeth again.

One of the subjects under discussion was Romantic Ramblings. Yes, this very blog.

Elizabeth’s friend Tina, the Creative Writing major who writes Beautiful Vibe, had asked Elizabeth who Christina was. After she’d read all my posts about the unemployment hearing last month. Elizabeth was wondering why I spent so much blog time talking about Christina, and never mentioned HER.

Well, DUH! Come on, Liz, I raised you to be smarter than that! That unemployment hearing took a whole lot of my time and energy and emotion for nearly a month. It was good blog material. The whole situation had suspense, drama, laughter, tears, angst, sex (well, not actually any of that, but I DID talk about pregnancy!), and it was interesting. I got LOTS of comments from those posts.

I just haven’t had any real interesting interaction with you that is blog-worthy lately.

Hey, I posted my speech and toast from YOUR wedding a few days ago! I referred to you as A_____.

You wondered why I called your sister Christina by her middle name? Well, there WAS a chance that someone involved in that unemployment case might have seen the name and recognized it. Yeah, I know, VERY slim. But I thought it might embarrass her if I gave her real name and told all the details about her getting fired. Especially after they accused her of all that “decline in performance” and stuff.

WE all knew it wasn’t true, but my thousands of readers might have wondered. Well, one of them might have. Maybe even both of them. (I think I have two. Some days I'm not sure.)

Anyway, I’m sorry you feel slighted. I’ve added Tina’s blog to my list of regular reads, so maybe she’ll get busy and post some more good stuff. (Maybe I should refer to HER by some pseudonym.) But today you, ELIZABETH, are the subject of my daily post.

Be honored! Tell all your friends, colleagues, work buddies, neighbors, and everyone on the address lines of the spam emails you get. Shout it from the housetop. “I’M ON MY DAD’S BLOG TODAY!”

As I hope you know, Liz, I’m very proud of you! Please don’t feel slighted. I shall mention you more often. Maybe even your terrific husband, too. Please don’t think you have to fall off a mountain or something (like Monica’s daughter) to get a mention. (Sorry Monica.)

Mom and I are coming to visit you this weekend. Get your camera ready. I’m sure we’ll find some blog-worthy material for me to ramble about next week. Readers, you'll BOTH be seeing more about Elizabeth soon.

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VikiBabbles said...

Ah, a little passive-aggressive parenting. It does my heart good. Ha.