Monday, April 11, 2005

I have arrived!

My wife thinks blogging is stupid.

She knows I blog because I love to write and enjoy showing off how clever I think I am.

So what’s wrong with that? In Carol’s opinion I’m not as clever as I think I am (she’s my daily dose of reality check). This reinforces her feeling that blogging is stupid. I mean, if it continues to feed my delusions of cleverness, it MUST be. Stupid. Right?

Btw, after 36+ years of marriage I’m still silly in love with her, as she is with me. She puts up with my “stupid blogging” because she knows I want to keep doing it. She’s patient with me, as a caregiver would be with someone suffering from mild retardation.

Why have I arrived? Despite her disdain for my blogging, she was IM-ing (Instant Messaging) our younger daughter today and told her this:

Carol: “Do you have daddy's blog address. You need to read his posting for Saturday. It is a "good" story about a potential horrible experience in the house. Plus he tells it in a funny way.”
Daughter: “k”

That’s all. But think about it! It means she read my blog post. And liked it!!

Yep. I have officially arrived. I AM clever! (Can you see the smug grin on my face?)


VikiBabbles said...

You keep that smug grin on your face as long as you can.

My husband disparages my blogging on a daily basis, mostly because that is just what he does, about everything, but I know he secretly supports me in all things, and that he reads it, and sometimes I can hear him laughing away in the other room and I sneak in and catch him on my blog.

I know I'm going to catch hell for the slutty girl with the pink hair, though.

Michelle said...

I think your writing is good and I should know, I am a goddess *grin*.

I love blogging and through this medium have met the most amazing people from all over the world and have learnt more about their lives, their country and their opinions on what is going on around the world. A blogger says it like it is and not what they feel we should know (as the media does). Through this medium I have also met a wonderful man - my long awaited Mr.C.

Candace said...

I encouraged my hubster to get his own blog, and he did! Maybe that'll work with Carol? (Tomcat's blog is "An Unapologetic Freemason" which is on my blogroll).