Wednesday, April 13, 2005


In a recent post on Viki Babbles (blog) the writer recounted her dream of loading a dishwasher while her mother watched.

Of course I had to psychoanalyze her based on that dream. I did it in a comment to the post. Yeah, she thanked me. Pronounced herself cured. Told me she needed no further appointments. I just mailed her my bill yesterday.

Anyway, that reminded me of a recurring dream of my own. It’s very pleasant. In it I am able to hold myself JUST off the ground by force of will. No flapping of arms, no zipping around like a superhero. Just no contact with the ground.

Usually I then take a running start, jump forward, exert that force of will and glide an inch of so above the surface. If the wind is blowing I can move along with the wind indefinitely. If I come to a slow halt I need only release myself to the ground, run a few more steps and glide further.

The dream is quite vivid. I’ve even pictured running to the top of a hill and then holding myself up as the ground falls away in front of me. I slowly descend until once again I’m just hovering above the surface. It’s a lot of fun. You ought to try it.

Someone needs to invent a machine to transmit images into our heads while we sleep. It would have many applications, from “Learn while you sleep,” to “Dream your favorite dream.” Every family would want to own several.

Hey, I write fiction. Maybe instead of inventing the machine, I could write a novel about someone who did!

Of course someone would then start selling porno dreams, and there’d be a real dark side to the wonderful invention. Doesn’t sound like the most believable SF story. In fact, it’s been done, now that I think about it.

Ah, well, nothing original about the idea. It’s still a cool dream, though.


VikiBabbles said...

And you have inspired me, in turn, to post a dream from my novel.

Candace said...

I've had that same dream all my life; must be one of those Jungian universal archetype thingies.