Thursday, April 21, 2005

My Conference

San Diego is a very pretty city. That is, what I can see of it from my east-facing 7th floor hotel room. The weather out here has been great, with clear skies and temps in the 60s.

The HR conference is going the way these things usually go – some of the speakers’ topics are more pertinent than others. I usually come away with at least a couple of new ideas or pieces of information that will save my company some money over the next year so, on balance, it’s worth the trip.

I promised yesterday to tell you how exciting the conference is. Well, “exciting” is a bit strong as a descriptive word. I didn’t fall completely asleep during any sessions, not even after lunch, so that’s something. I’ll admit to getting blurry vision a time or two, but I never actually snored. At least that’s what the person sitting beside me said.

Nah, that’s not fair. Some of the presentations were excellent. Others were… well, OK.

Still no word on Mr. Queen’s letter. I think I’ve been forgotten. With the time difference, it’s already after 5 p.m. in Texas before we get out of our meetings here, so there’s little chance to call Lona again and ask her what happened.

Besides, I told her (when I was trying to be sweet and persuasive) that I wouldn’t bother her again. But that was when she said she’d send me the letter by the end of the day on Tuesday.

OK, I’ve decided. Tomorrow morning I’ll get up at 6 and start trying to call her. Maybe I can get a look at that letter sometime during the day tomorrow during my travels. The Houston airport has several wireless internet hotspots (outside the Continental Airlines President’s Club locations are always reliable) and I think I have a long enough layover there to log on and check email.

I doubt there’s any real need for immediacy. But next week is going to be REALLY busy at work.

Pressure! Just what I need.

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