Saturday, September 17, 2005


That word describes the view of Lake Michigan and the city of Chicago from 42 floors up.

One entire wall of floor-to-ceiling glass looks east. Below is the Chicago River flowing out into the lake next to Navy Pier with its visually dominating Ferris wheel and colorful boats. Beyond lies the marina breakwater; and then the lake, stretching out to the sharp, clear horizon.

This morning’s sunrise was spectacular! We could see far around the end of the lake well into Indiana, until the sun rose higher and a slight haze developed.

Looking further south and through another wall of glass facing that direction we can see parts of Millenium Park. At the far end of it is a huge museum and then Soldier Field. Our view of much of the park is blocked by another building, but we can just see the domed planetarium on its spit of land protruding out into the lake.

From the south-facing windows, if we swing our gaze around towards the west, we can see much of the Chicago skyline. That view includes the top of the Sears Tower and many other buildings that soar well above 42 floors.

Yes, I’ve spent time in large cities before. But I live in flat South Texas, and the contrast is dramatic.

I’m not sure which is more awe-inspiring: the immensity of the ocean (and I think the Great Lakes are in that category, as they stretch out to far beyond the horizon and thus seem to be as large), or high mountains rising out of the plains (like the Front Range in Colorado). In this apartment I feel as if I’m on a high mountain looking out over the ocean. Pretty awesome.

Amy’s plans for Saturday activities include a tour-boat ride up the Chicago river and out into the marina, a walking tour around the downtown area, and (of course) our Italian dinner this evening.

More later. Maybe.


Karyn Lyndon said...

Can't wait to see the pics and hear about the meal!

Anonymous said...

Well, welcome to Streeterville! (Although maybe you're a teense bit south of Streeterville, I don't know what the boundary is). I might have to go down and pay my parents a visit and see if I run into you!