Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Tuesday notes 9/6.

Since yesterday’s post made it online yesterday, you already know that we located a wifi hotspot and were able to go online. Here’s the story:

We set up the camper in (probably) record time and drove back to Rutledge to se if there was any place to eat there.

There wasn’t.

Carol suggested that I turn East on Dixie Highway and drive towards Madison, GA. It was only about 12 miles away, and it is, at least, the county seat of Madison County, so there ought to be SOMETHING there. We drove through Madison on Main Street, and did see two restaurants near the middle of town.

At the far end of town we turned around and parked at courthouse square. Carol is the official navigator and operator of the GPS unit with MapQuest on our laptop. Before we shut down the van I suggested that she scan for available wireless networks.

Would you believe she found about a dozen? Four were “unsecured,” so we picked one and tried to connect. Success! We were able to check the weather for the next few days, check our emails, and finally, to post my blog entry.

Then we shut down the laptop, locked the van, and checked out the restaurants. We opted to try the one called “The Chop House.” It was basically a bar with a bunch of tables including a few out on a sidewalk.

Here’s the incredible part. The weather was cool and dry, and we opted to sit and eat outside. Apparently a cool front had blown through a day or to before, and the results were still around. Carol ordered a pecan-crusted filet of trout, and I chose the tenderloin of beef on rice pilaf. The prices were very reasonable – no more than you’d pay for a routine meal at a casual dining place like Chili’s or Applebee’s. But the food was just excellent!

I consider that place an official “find.” We plan to go back there before we leave the area. Madison, GA. Who’da thunk it?

Then this morning we drove about 65 miles to another Georgia state park to play golf. 36 holes. Wonderful! This is what a vacation is supposed to be like.

Tomorrow we play the course right here where we’re camping. No driving, no delays. Likely another 36 holes Wonderful!

What? Who won today? There you go, wanting to know about scores and all that. Don’t be so anal!

OK!! If you must know, Carol won(as usual). My score was lower for the second round, but so was hers. But the golf today was not about winning or losing. It was a beautiful course, beautiful weather, and just a very pleasant day all around.

I hope we have several more of those this week.

Gotta go. I’ll try to find another wifi hotspot tomorrow and post this.


Anonymous said...

I am pleased you and Carol are having such a great time on your trip away - especially the golf.

Karyn Lyndon said...

Okay, I think we need to make a deal. You can tell a golf story if you also tell what you had for dinner...mmmm...pecan crusted trout...