Sunday, November 13, 2005

Good news...

For all you regular readers who urged me to please get a digital camera.

No, I don’t have one yet. Which doesn’t matter, because there’s nothing around here I want to take pictures of right now.

The good news is this: Carol and I have decided that for Christmas this year our gift to each other will be a nice SLR digital camera with at least a couple of lenses. Maybe three. We want enough optical (as well as digital) zoom to get closer shots of wildlife (like the raccoons on the golf course in Georgia.)

So we’ve begun the process of self-education. Next comes compare features vs. cost. Then come the decisions about which features are most important (and damn the cost) and which ones are unimportant (so cost means a lot).

These processes will likely take us most of the intervening time between now and Christmas. Either that or, we’ll get so confused and overwhelmed with all the details that we’ll just give up and buy what a local store has in stock in our price range.

In any event, our goal is that by next year’s Ski Vacation (early February) we’ll be taking digital pictures. So stand by for lots of shots of a big family group in matching sweaters. And of a little 10-month-old grandson experiencing snow for the first time ever.

Should be fun.

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