Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Ode on a Black Friday

Our paper came on Turkey day.
It weighed about a ton.
'Twas full of ads for stores with sales
On stuff for play or fun.

Or maybe gifts for someone else,
Or items for our homes.
Seemed everything that stores can sell
Was offered in those tomes.

The Mall would open early,
And to get a super deal,
You had to rise at two or three,
(You’d better pack a meal!),

And stand in line outside the door
To be among the first,
Supplies were short. And all agreed;
To lose out was the worst!

So people from around the town
Did congregate and gather
Outside the doors of many stores,
And all were in a lather.

The folks would push and shove to be
The first inside to buy.
As “Don’t get in my way today,
I’ll knock you down!” they’d cry.

The traffic on the streets, it seemed,
Was packed and barely moving,
And tempers flared and teeth were bared.
'Twas not exactly soothing.

I wondered, in the midst of all
This snarling, angst, and hissing,
If maybe there was something here
That all of them were missing.

What happened to the “Ho, Ho, Ho!”
And “Peace on Earth!” we’d hear,
When friends and family gathered round
To share, from far and near?

This season is supposed to bring out
All the best in man,
Like loving, giving, peace and joy.
At least, that was the plan.

So what’s the answer? Is there, somehow,
Some sure way of stopping
The discontent connected with
Thanksgiving Friday Shopping?

For me it’s pretty simple:
When the mobs rush out to roam
The malls and stores and parking lots,
I’ll stay inside my home.

I’ll ponder God’s atoning Son,
The best gift given yet,
And do my Christmas shopping
On my high-speed internet!


Karyn Lyndon said...


kenju said...

DOUBLE AMEN! I wish that all of us who feel this way would just rebel against the commercialism of Christmas, cut back to only a few presents and concentrate on the reason we are celebrating. Fat chance, huh?!

Christina said...

I love it!!!!! I am doing the majority of my shopping on the internet as well. And not stressing out over it.

Jennifer said...


Wow, I needed that. Too funny. And TOO TRUE!

Nankin said...

John, you were right, we had the same thought about the season. I do my shopping throughout the year and when the December rolls around, I might pick up a few items on sale. But stand in line to get in a store? Nope.

Anonymous said...

radical, totally totally radical baby