Monday, November 21, 2005

The holidays are upon us!

Here it is, Thansgiving week already! Not only have I not started my holiday shopping (except fot the gift Carol and I are giving each other, our digital camera!), I haven't even been THINKING about holiday shopping.

I've been thinking about writing, getting this book into shape to sell, getting a new agent and having good things happen in 2006.

Selfish? Yep, that's me.

But this week should be a relaxing one. Work is never very intense on holiday weeks. Neither of our daughters (or sons-in-law or grandson) will be here for this Thanksgiving, so our Turkey Day feast will likely be tamales and beans served at Carol's mom's apartment.

Unless something amusing occurs to me or something otherwise blogworthy happens, my posts will probably be a bit short this week.

It's OK. I hear all of you out ther wailing in despair at the prospect of short posts from me.

What's that? You say you're laughing in joy and relief?

Ah, what jokers all of you are!

Since I promised a short post, I'll close here. No, no. You can't stop me. I'm closing.

Come back tomorrow.


kenju said...

Wailing in despair, I am hoping you will have a good holiday!

Karyn Lyndon said...

Sorry, I'm not buying don't seem like the selfish type.

Anonymous said...

I am already despairing the fact that you will have shorter posts this week but because I am in the holiday-frame of mind (have been since June *wink*), I will endure the pain and misery. As I don't celebrate Thanksgiving (but I will celebrate it in mind with all my good American friends), I started thinking of the other holiday - Christmas - and have put up my tree. No decorations, just the tree. Hope you have a wonderful week.

Duke_of_Earle said...

There, there. It'll all be over soon.

(My short posts, AND the holidays.)

Karyn, flattery will get you everywhere! I LOVE it when you talk dirty... er, I mean sweetly.

And Michelle... Let me get this straight. You ALREADY have your TREE up? I might get mine out of the attic by the 24th.
Of December.
If I'm pressed.
I'm known as a Pro (crastinator).


Anonymous said...

I just luuuurve my decorations and as I can only look at them for a couple of weeks each year, I decided to put up my tree a little earlier than usual.