Saturday, November 05, 2005

Pictures! (As promised...)

Yeah, promised a LONG time ago.

I know, I know. Mea Culpa. So sue me.

Anyway, as I've written in the past, this blog is primarily devoted to the written word, not to imagery. So if you want to see some of the pictures from our not-so-recent-anymore (September) vacation trip, you'll have to CLICK HERE.

If you don't, well... you're not going to get much entertainment from THIS blog today.

Unless, of course, you scroll back through previous posts and delight in my humor and wit and poetry. And, of course, marvel at my modesty.

Oh, if you DO scroll though the pictures at the above link, you'll see a couple of shots of ME on the golf course. That oughta be enough incentive to send you SCURRYING to that link, right?

Whatever. Come back another time for some clever writing.

(You never know when I might plagiarize somebody REALLY clever!)


Karyn Lyndon said...

I enjoyed seeing your pics. It's looks like you had a wonderful time and you have a great looking family! I had no idea Chicago has such awesome views...

Anonymous said...

Your photos were awesome:-
1. I have always wanted to see Vietnam. I believe it is rather beautiful and a great tourist attraction now.
2. Trevor is such a cutie.
3. Your daughters are lovely.
4. I loved the wildlife on the golf course (including you).
5. You are lefthanded I see.
6. Amy has the most stunning views and it is hard to believe that the view is of a lake and not a sea. It is ginormous.

Duke_of_Earle said...


Well of course I have a great looking family. It's all in the genes! (I married Carol, remember?)


That's why they call them the "Great Lakes." Ginormous indeed!


Hale McKay said...

I see you were in the"loop." Great pics - brings back a lot of memories of 1966-67 when I was in Chicago. Is that cloud sculpture the replacement for that awful Picasso thing?

kenju said...

Great photos, John. I love the golf course and Chicago - and Trevor can't be beat either - in the photo category!

Duke_of_Earle said...


Must be a replacement, or something. I didn't see any "Picasso thing" there.


SkyMommy said...

Fun pictures! I do have a question...unless I'm mistaken the sculpture in millenium park that you called "cloud" is actually the "bean" is it not? Maybe I just haven't been there in a while (it really looks cool all polished out, last time I was there you could still see the seams in the metal making it look like a giant, bean shaped, checker board) but I'm pretty sure it is...hehe. Guess it doesn't really matter but being from the Chicago area I thought I'd point it out. *wink*

Duke_of_Earle said...


Actually, although it does look like a bean, a brochure in a nearby rack identified it as a "cloud" sculpture. A few of the seams underneath the middle of it were still not completely polished. I'd love to see a picture of it covered with snow!


SkyMommy said...

I stand corrected. You're right the official name is Cloud Gate...however you ask pretty much anyone from chicago and they'll call it the bean...hehe. *smile*

SkyMommy said...

p.s. since i'm moving back for the winter i'll see what i can do about getting a picture of it covered in snow posted *wink*

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Amy's views are impressive-she's only a few long blocks from my parents!

Yes, everyone here calls it the bean because that's what it looks like. As soon as it snows, I'll wander down before class and snap a picture of it for you, unless abigurl beats me to it.