Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Still Wailing? Don’t.

I have good news that will more than alleviate your angst at my announcement yesterday. You know, the one about short blog posts from me through the holidays? The one that made you wail?

You say you weren’t wailing? Of course you were. You can’t fool me.

I distinctly heard the sound of wailing outside. It reminded me of two cats about to engage in a fight. But I’m sure it was really my many readers bemoaning my notice. Don’t know why all that cat hair was on my back patio this morning.

Anyway, my good news? I just saved 15% on my car insurance with the Gecko.

No, no. That’s not right. Obviously I’ve been watching too many ads on TV.

What I meant to say was, my new digital camera has been shipped and should arrive this Saturday.


Christmas is coming early at the Earle household this year. Maybe by Christmas morning I’ll have figured out how to put in the compact flash memory card, charge the batteries, set up the time and date feature, use all the different modes and settings and controls, and actually download a clear picture onto the internet to show to all of you!

Knowing me, I’ll probably still be trying to figure out where to put in the digital film.

Aren’t you thrilled and ecstatic? Of course you are. You can’t fool me.


kenju said...

Oh, yeah, that digital film....it's a real bugger...LOL

Anonymous said...

You may have figured out one or two functions on that camera by Christmas, but Mom will be doing good to even be able to take a picture. She is one of the smartest people I know, but you have to admit she is electronically challenged - even more that I am. I will be shocked beyond belief if you have a picture on the blog that was taken with that digital camera by the day after Christmas! (ha, ha, ha - that was a challenge!)

Anonymous said...

The digital film will be the hardest part but you are left-handed are you not? My mum said left-handed people are highly intelligent (my mum is like Oprah - if she says it - it must be right) so you will figure everything out. LOL.

Whooo hooooo for the camera arriving soon. I can't wait for ALL those great photographs you WILL be posting on your blog ALL the time. *grin*.

(PS - There was wailing. I heard it all the way down here in Cape Town over and above my own wailing so don't let anyone tell you otherwise).