Friday, December 09, 2005


It's Friday!! (As if you didn't know.)

Finally Friday. Freaky Friday (that's Karyn's copyrighted phrase, but I can use it if I give her credit). Or Frigid Friday in much of the country, including here in South Texas.

I wore a wool turtleneck sweater over a cotton turtleneck to work today. I had on so many turtlenecks they were pushing my chin up in the air and everybody thought I was being snooty. But at least I was warm. And I work in an office!

Now my work week is over and I'm snug in my home. I have perused most of the blogs on my blogroll, but have no idea what scintillating topic I should choose to post on today. So I'm rambling here on the keyboard until something occurs to me.

Maybe... How about the weather? Tomorrow is supposed to be cloudy but with moderating temperatures and much less wind. All the way up to a high of 61, they're saying. Might even get in some golf in the afternoon.

OH! I know. Let me tell you the latest on my book manuscript. Katie, my wonderfully supportive and perceptive critique partner, and HER critique partner and multi-published author, have declared my CHERISH IS THE WORD to be "awesome," "a three-hanky ending," and "ready to sell."


Now I'm working on a new, riveting synopsis and a killer query letter that no agent or publisher will be able to resist. I plan to start mailing these out to a very select list within a couple of weeks -- hopefully before the first of the year.

That will doubtless result in a barrage of offers to represent me. After I make my selection from the pile, I'm sure that within a few weeks my chosen super-agent will have set up an auction so publishers can compete for the privilege of having their house's name on my books.

Ahhh. Friday. A wonderful day!

(By the way I found my meds this morning, took a double dose, and everything is pink and rosy now. I knew you'd want to know that. But Nankin, I really think you should get your own "happy pills." These are all for ME!)


Karyn Lyndon said...

I know linking my name is a cheap ploy to get me to write a Freaky Friday post...but, you don't understand... I'm SOOOOOOOO tired (and full of mexican food.) Speaking of's cold here too. Ice shut the city completely down on Wed. afternoon and Thursday morning. I hate being cold!

Anonymous said...

Best of luck one your queries.

Funny, but I love the cold. The other morning it was six out and I thought I was in heaven. I know it'll be a good day when you walk outside and *WHAM!* your nosehairs freeze instantly. I'm weird, yes, but boy does it make me feel alive.

Anonymous said...

Way to go on the book. I will send out positive thoughts and wishes into the universe that the Agents agree and that you become a famous published author. Will keep those fingers crossed for you.

Have an absolutely brilliant weekend.

Anonymous said...

So great to jump start a weekend with solidly awesome feedback. Good for you!

the many Bs said...

Happy weekend. Glad you're doing well with your book. I can't wait to see your name on the best seller list!