Sunday, December 04, 2005

Please ignore my previous post

There's no conspiracy (ha ha). I was just joking.

None of my possessions actually communicate with each other or plot together to cause me misery. Oh, no. That was all just for humor. And I KNOW that none of you ever thought for a minute that I was serious. Right?

Of course not! And I don't expect that any other appliances, or elecrtonic gadgets, or mechanical or electrical or plumbing things will malfunction ANY time in the near future.

And if any of them DOES happen to malfunction, well, that'll just be a coincidence.

There. That ought to put the ENTIRE issue to bed!

Don't write ANY comments disagreeing with the above. We might be able to avoid stirring everything up if we're REAL careful. With all my Christmas shopping and other holiday expenses (and with my annual family SKI TRIP coming up, I can't afford to repair or replace any more things for a while.

I'm sorry I brought the subject up!

So, I hope that all of you enjoyed my joking, humorous post of yesterday. But now I want you ALL to just put it out of your minds. And whatever you do, DO NOT pass on anything from that post to your friends or blogroll buddies!

Okay? Got it?




Karyn Lyndon said...

i replaced my dishwasher (original to the house) for the new owners, whoever they might be, so the decision was easy. Did it fit, was it the right color, and was it the lowest price? Now we have to pray that everything else remains in working order till the sale is final.

And I hear ya...ix-nay on the onspiracy-cay eory-thay!

kenju said...

Yeah, please be really careful what you say, because your appliances may communicate with mine and mine might decide it is time to follow suit. I can't afford it - especially at Christmas! So be quiet.

Nankin said...

I've replaced enough this year, so lets keep everything on the QT.