Monday, December 05, 2005

What’s with the new comments on very old posts?

Today I’ve received two comments on posts from back in May and October. One was from “anonymous” which really narrows down the field of possible senders. The other was from Oscar Laurent.


The famous clothing design label? No, that’s Yves Saint Laurent. This comment to a May post said simply, “I’ll be back. Later. :)” When I clicked on his name, my screen showed, “Account Closed.”

This isn’t the first time I’ve had a rather random comment (meaningless) from a closed account.

They don’t seem to be spam. There doesn’t seem to be a pattern. They’re innocuous. And they often are attached to very old posts.

Are they real? From real people? Or are they a spammer’s trial balloons to see if they can defeat the “word verification” hassle that we’ve been forced to employ?

(Although I see some of my blogroll buddies have turned off the verification feature, willing to put up with the spam to make commenting easier. What a mess!)

The other post today (from “anonymous”) seemed to be a real person who made an intelligent comment. I’d love to know who it was so I could respond. But how?

The comment was to a post from two months ago. How did he find it? A Google search? Maybe.

Will he go back trough my archives (or through Google) and look for a response to his comment? I doubt it.

Oh, well. In the overall scheme of things this is clearly no big deal.

Any of the rest of you having experiences like this?

Or is it my computer and other appliances conspir... NO! Never mind. It’s innocent. I’m SURE of it!!


Michelle said...

I used to receive those types of comments last year and then I started getting hit with lots of spam. I now close my posts for comments after a couple of days and this prevents spammers from leaving comments on my old posts. Does blogger have the facility to do this as well? Also .. why don't you have Comment tracking in your sidebar so you can see at a glance who has left a comment recently. Spammed comments can then be deleted immediately.

kenju said...

You know, I took off the Word verification and put comment moderation on and it seems to be working well. That way, the comment does not go onto the blog if I don't want it to. Most of the spam comments I get now are on very old posts - so I do think it is their way of seeing if they can veer around the WV, etc.

MUM said...

Maybe it's that time warp thing... I wish I had the time to go back and read all your stuff as the current things are very amusing.