Saturday, December 03, 2005

Shhhh. (More on the Conspiracy?)

Oh, dear.

Our dishwasher quit working this morning. A quick examination showed that a part was broken. This part would probably require replacement of several major components.

After some thought, we determined that the appliance was 15 years old and that it was probably time for a new one. Appliance, that is.

So today we shopped for a dishwasher.

ARRRRGH! I HATE shopping!

I started on the internet, looking for reviews of various models and lists of features. I quickly determined that I could spend anywhere from as little as $200 to upwards of $2,000 if I wanted to! Well, I really didn't want to.

Besides, the dishwasher resides in the kitchen, which is Carol's domain. She is the one who needed to decide which features were important and which ones were needless for us.

So after a brief excursion through various web sites, we went out to actually look at different models.

BIG mistake!

We started at Lowes Home Improvement Warehouse, then went through Sears to Home Depot. The more we looked, the more difficult a decision became.

We came home, had lunch, and golfed. (Ahhhh! Much better use of a Saturday!)

After golf we got back on the internet and shopped some more. We finally settled on a brand and a model. Then we started comparing prices. Found one site that was offering a 10% discount this weekend only, free shipping, no state sales tax, AND there was a $50 rebate coupon available for that brand.

So even though I would like to support my local merchants... The offer of a cheaper initial price, plus no 8.75% sales tax, no shipping, and a rebate made an "offer I couldn't refuse," to quote from "The Godfather."

We ordered, and expect our new appliance to be delivered in a few weeks. Meanwhile we'll (or I'll) be washing dishes by hand in the sink for a while.

So, why the title for this post?

Well, last month our vacuum cleaner motor smoked itself out of existence (a short, I'm sure). This month it's the dishwasher. Can the washer and dryer be far behind? What about the stove and refrigerator? The garage door opener? And (gasp!) my computer!?

I know all the plumbing, electrical, and mechanical devices and equipment all communicate and conspire against the common homeowner. But for a while there I had a respite from their attacks.

It looks like they're starting up again!


Michelle said...

I need to warn you that appliances are now able to read so be careful what you put in print. Type the words sdrawkcab and bloggers can just take their computers to a mirror to read what the word is.


I hope this is the last because at this rate you won't have enough money for (1) green fees (2) Christmas presents and (3) Christmas lunch.

Have a superlicious week.

schnoodlepooh said...

NO! NO! NO! Don't let them start up again. My furnace is old and very expensive. My garage door opener is old and creaky. I can't deal with this right before christmas. No appliance conspiracy please. Not now.