Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Blogger’s Block

I sat today to write a post to publish on my blog.
But nothing came. I found my brain enveloped in a fog.
I thought of past events at work; but those are mostly boring.
I wouldn’t want the folks who visit here to end up snoring.

Well, how ’bout tales of funny things that happen while commuting?
Or, better yet, more stories about Jay and his computing?
I tried to think of recent times when household items failed,
With those I’ve managed oft of late to keep you all regaled.

My mind still blank, I scanned the blogs of others on my list.
I searched for some idea or rant. A joke you might have missed.
I found much anguished writing ’bout the rising cost of oil,
(The idea of three dollar gas can cause one’s blood to boil!)

I thought about the agents who have all, as one, rejected,
My magnum opus novel (which now leaves me quite dejected),
And tried to put together then some kind of righteous rant.
Hard though I’ve tried, my brain is fried, and somehow I just can’t.

Well, maybe humor is the thing. I’ll come up with some joke!
Make fun of something RobotJam might say, that British Bloke!
But nothing came to mind; and soon the struggle was quite taxing.
I need a tale like Michelle’s sister’s email about waxing!

The challenge grew more fearsome, as the day was almost gone.
Perhaps some pictures! Cute wildlife! Like squirrels, or a fawn!
Or maybe shots of Trevor. Baby pics are always fun.
And everybody thinks this kid is cute. (He’s my grandson!)

But though I’ve posted pictures in the past from time to time,
Today just seemed to need a written theme. Or... maybe... RHYME!
Hey! That’s the ticket! I’ll put up a poem that I write.
I’ll pick a topic and the words will flow! (Well, hell, they might!)

So, nothing on the weather here. On that I think I’ll pass.
No thought-provoking diatribe about the price of gas.
No tales of the conspiracy attacking house and home.
Today you’re treated (ALL of you!) to just this simple poem.

(Hey, when nothing else flows, sometimes a poem will.)


Anonymous said...

not bad. you were about due to post another poem. funny about that article in Writers Digest you mentioned, about the autobiographical novel. maybe it's a sign...

Anonymous said...

But are your readers
(we silly bleaters)
supposed to rhyme
at the same time?

(anyway, don't panic
I won't plug organic!)


Zinnia said...

I felt like ranting about a rejection I got today, but I didn't. Figured I'd better sleep on it before flying off the handle.

Hale McKay said...

Funny, how when we have nothing to write,
That we can state that fact and be contrite;
Yet, when we have something we want to submit
It seems we cannot find the words to post it.

Good bail out, John.

Anonymous said...

Funny that I can't think of anything to say either....

Anonymous said...

Ha John, awesome post. I often have bloggers block but have never come up with anything this ingenious to beat it.

Leaver said...

Bravo, I say! Bravo!!

Emmy Ellis said...


That was great! Do one tomorrow?


kenju said...

That was pretty cute - can we expect more of them?

Unknown said...

At least it wasn't haiku.