Thursday, April 27, 2006

Reprise of last May's poem.

So many of you asked (just look at the comments from yesterday's post!) if you'd soon be treated to more poetry that I have to do this.

(Besides, today was REALLY busy and I didn't have time to write anything else to entertain you -- or myself.)

I wrote and posted this last May 22.

Here you go, fans. It's one of my favorites -- a classic that needs to be re-posted from time to time since readers change over the months.

Title of post: "How Hot IS It?"

"Unseasonably warm." - The Victoria (TX) Advocate
"Heat index -- 105 deg., Hades Index -- 102%"

The sun is hot as blazes. It’s summer here, for sure.
The air felt like a furnace blast when I walked out the door.
I’ve put this off for far too long, I need to mow the grass.
The neighbors look and shake their heads, sure that I’m low-class.

The grass and weeds are climbing high, obscuring now the house.
I see the yards on either side, and feel just like a louse.
The folks around here keep their lawns all manicured and neat.
Makes my place look abandoned, it’s the worst lot on this street.

All week the sun’s been shining, hot, since Monday’s heavy rains.
I would have (should have) mowed on Thursday, if I’d had the brains.
On Thursday after work the air was cooler with some breeze,
But now I see no movement in the branches on the trees.

I mount my trusty mower—(at least I get to sit!
I used to push a walk-behind, until it finally quit.
But then we bought the riding kind, much better when it’s hot.
‘Cause, after all, my house sits on a two-thirds-acre lot!)

With sweat already trickling down I move to the attack,
I wonder; should I start out in the front, or in the back?
The trees out front provide more shade; I think I’ll start out there.
A wimp, you say? Well, maybe so, but that’s not really fair.

I mean, it REALLY HOT out here, the grass is really high.
In fact, I’m not sure where I am; can hardly see the sky.
I’d started out across the lawn; by now I should have crossed it.
I wonder if I’m riding round in circles. Have I lost it?

It’s getting dark. I wonder if we’re going to have a storm.
The air seems full of smoke and dust, this surely ain’t the norm.
I smell a smell like rotten eggs, but keep the mower mowing.
I’ve GOT to reach the street out front if I just keep on going

Ah wait! What’s that? I think I see a figure just ahead.
Looks like a man. But why’s he dressed from head to toe in red?
Could it be Santa Claus, the elf, the jolly Christmas giver?
But then I noticed horns and tail! I realized (with a shiver,)

That this could be none other than Beelzebub, old Ned!
I wondered if, in all this heat, I’d passed out and was dead!
But surely I’d not be in Hell! By Jesus I’ve been saved!
Just then the devil turned to me. He stared and then he raved.

“I wanted a vacation from my home down under ground.
I’d heard that up in Texas, many pleasures could be found.
But here I am, and all I find is weather just like there.
I wanted someplace cooler, and this just isn’t fair!

“It’s only May in Texas, and the summer ain’t till June!
That’s why I didn’t come up later; why I came so soon.
I thought it would be diff’rent, but as only I can tell,
I’m going back right now because it’s hotter here than Hell!

A clap of thunder shook the ground. The devil disappeared.
The sun was out, the smoke was gone. T’was not, as I had feared,
The end of Earth, the end of me; but rather the finale
Of a Saturday night nightmare! T’was morning—time to rally!

I looked outside and saw the grass was only inches high.
The sun shone pale through morning mist, low in the eastern sky.
I didn’t read the forecast or the almanac to see,
For I knew on good authority just how hot it would be!

Yeah, I mowed today. Yeah, it was hot.Thus inspired, I wrote this post.

Yes, I've got plenty more where this came from. And thanks for asking.

(Btw, I thought my creation of the "Hades Index" measuring the temperature as a percentage of the temperature in Hell was mighty clever. But nobody else seemed to be impressed. Go figure.)


Anonymous said...

I thought the Hades Index thing was cool, but it just seemed kind of normal to me, so I didnt think to make a big deal of it.


Hey, that Hades Index thing is a pretty clever analogy. I like it!

Anyway, the poem made me laugh even harder the second time around.

Unknown said...

I'm impressed! Honest!

So, I'm a little confused on one part:

was it hot?

Candace said...

Love the Hades Index, too.
Can't believe we've already had 100+ temps already this year!

Tomcat has two lawns to mow now, and both mowers are broken. Say, that wouldn't be because of the - nevermind. Ssh!

Emmy Ellis said...

Yay! Brilliant!

Your lot sounds like mine. Every one else mows their religiously. Us? Err we do it when we have time.


Zinnia said...

How clever! Tee-hee! You're good at this!

As for a cooling breeze, there's one here that's making the windchimes do a lot of singing...