Sunday, April 30, 2006

Fact or fiction?

One of my regular readers had the NERVE to ask in an email if yesterday's story about the trash cans was real or something I made up! Can you imagine!?

Yes, I do write fiction. And yes, I HAVE been known to use hyperbole on occasion. But, come on! Did that story sound like it was made up? Would anyone make up a story like that about themselves and then publish it for the world to laugh at?

Well, okay, some might. But here's the proof!

There! You can see the offending metal cans. The two intact ones are hiding the chipped bricks in the house wall (don't tell Carol!) The squashed, pounded and folded one that so damaged my ego is sitting in the foreground. What? You say you can't see it clearly?

Well, okay. Here's another shot of it by itself.

I could have included the sledge hammer in the picture along with the cans, but I really didn't want to handle that thing again for a while until the blister and the bruises heal.

Fiction, indeed!


Candace said...

One time the City of Dallas banned metal cans and decided that everyone had to use plastic garbage sacks instead. That didn't last because then we had trash scattered by various critters all over the alleyways. Duh. But at the time, we were all wondering, just what the heck do we DO with all the metal cans? We couldn't throw them away, because they wouldn't fit into the plastic sacks! Well, at least OUR city picked hauled them away on curbside pickup weeks.

Now, we have those huge plastic rolling bins that have to taken out to curb or alley, depending, where a trash-can picker-upper machine comes by and empties them, then drops them, where they invariably land in the street or alleyway, hindering traffic. Now that's when you start thinking about sledge hammers, my friend.

Candace said...

Pardon all the typos. Never could hold my booze.

Anonymous said...

You have to tell us tomorrow if the garbage men take it away or not!

Anonymous said...

You're totally right, no-one could possibly make that story up! Our garbage collectors are so finiky if your can is like a foot too far from the road on collection day they don't take it, lazy sods!

Anonymous said...

Duke, I'm surprised no ones said this yet, please don't take offense in this but I think you've been writing a right load of garbage this month !

Sorry couldn't resist.

Most impressive crushing demonstration, There's nothing quite like destruction, one of my favourite Tv shows over here was Fred Dibnah's story. He was a demolision expert and basically used to go round knocking stuff down every week. It was fantastic.

Anonymous said...

I ditto robotJAM - a very impressive crushing demonstration. Hope those arm muscles are feeling okay though.

Anonymous said...

Yes, those are fine garbage cans. I never doubted your story.

thewriterslife said...

We don't have trash pick-up where we live so BF just takes the plastic bags to the dumpster where he works. It works. ;o)